Daniel Turner

Dan Turner


I’ve been locked up since 1997, when, at the age of 18, I committed a robbery and accidentally killed the man. Since that time I’ve dedicated myself to education and treating each day as an opportunity to improve in every way possible. And I’ve done this by rejecting religious morality and becoming an atheist. Now my release date is coming up (October 2016) and I would like to share some of the ideas that have helped me over the years.

I will be contributing to Stone City Blog.
My info is on the Contact page if you’d like to get in touch.

Thanks for listening.

Dan Turner
DOC #767569

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  1. Good to read you’re feeling positive about your life but at the same time it saddens me that you have turned away from God. Hope someday you will give Him a chance. Not religion but God. Huge difference.

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