Jonathan Parks


The fact that african americans were not the only ones who suffer because of slavery. We know that other minorities were inslaved as
well. But, I’m not talking about them either.

I’m talking about the population of white america men and woman who are also effected by Jim Crow. Because of society proving that all men are created equal. Their are several white men who are suffering because of feelings of indifference.

There are random white man going through identity crisis at the same time feelings of inadequicie or superiority not being addressed. These men that dont know that they are going through this are dealing with surpressed emotions and behaving dangeriously.

Majiority of the school shootings are done by white men who feel some
type of way claming to be feed up or retailiting to some goverment conspericy. Then you have the teen age boy who can’t deal with the stress and exsploads on everyone.

Everyone goes through life finding identy and confert by nature. When we place acspectaion on or children we are interfering with the laws of nature (mans freewill) and conditioning each or children.

Im sure by now you have a lot of coments are you want to hear more


Jonathan Parks
DOC #799668

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