Adam Hudson

Trying To Accept, by Adam Hudson

I’m really having a hard time seeing myself doing 20-30 years in prison. I know that things may change in laws that may allow my case back into court. But its really hard. I see other lifers and it don’t appear to eat at them, at least not like me.
See, I’m charged with murder, but I’m not guilty of murder. But I’m not exactly innocent of killing someone. I was over charged and cause of being overly charged I’m doing 15 to life. It just sucks that I know things could be different. I just want to be able to go home when I’m still kinda young. late 40’s , early 50’s be great. But I don’t have an out date. They can keep me 20-30 or even as long as 40 years.
I wish I had people n the streets to talk too. I like to feel somewhat connected to the outside world… IDK??? we’ll
see what’s in store for me.
I guess that’s it for today.

Adam Hudson #737-672
P.O BOX 45699
Lucasville,Oh. 45699

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