Adam Hudson

Understandable Hurtfulness, by Adam Hudson

Even though I my not have many people to talk too, I do have my parents that I talk too. They are here for me in many ways. But the one way I wish for them to be….they won’t.
I guess I can elaborate on what way I want them to be. I would love for my parents to get an attorney for me. There are thing in my case that could get my case back into court. And then once so, I may be able to get my charge lowered to a voluntary manslaughter from a murder.
It would take a lot of money but that’s not what’s stopping them from doing this for me. My dad tells me that I am where I belong, weather its here in prison or in a mental hospital, he feels I don’t belong on the streets. And even if he had all the money to throw away, he still wouldn’t…what quarentee dose my dad have that if he was to spend hundrend thousand or more IDK? on a attorney and I end up getting out in 15 years for sure as apposed to 15-life (?) that once I did get out that I wouldn’t just return to my old ways. After all this is my 3rd time in prison. I’m only 35yrs old and have got about 13yrs in in being locked up.
So I understand my dads thinking, but its still hurtful. 😦

Adam Hudson #737-672
P.O Box 45699
Lucasville, oh. 45699

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