Introduction Blog, by Randell Burton

Hello, my name is Randell Burton. My DOC# is 306282, and my address is

Randell Burton #306282
Louisiana State Pen.
Angola LA, 70712

I am currently serving a life sentence for 2nd degree murder. I began my sentence on Febuary 1, 2017 and if the judge in my case has anything to say about it I will never go home. This judge, whom I repeatedly asked to recuse from the case, has the same last name as the deceadants mother before she married.
I am no legal expert, but in a parish with two other judges it seems awful that not only would this judge refuse to let either of the other two judges in the district judge the case, he made sure to decide the case in family court involving my girlfriend whom they expected to contradict eyewitness testimony. She did this even though she repeatedly said she didn’t see what happened. Three or four months after I began my life sentence, the case in family court was dropped.
I am sorry that the other man died. I hate it every day, and wish that it hadn’t happened. If I had it to do over again, I hope that I would be strong enough to not resist him even though it would have meant me being killed or maimed. The life I saved is barely worth living.

Randell Burton
DOC #306282

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