Mass Incarceration, by Nathan Mccoy

I would like to expound on the topic of mass incarceration. Michelle Alexander the author of The New Jim Crow Mass incarceration couldn’t,have spoke a better volume of what was and still is.From personal experience I speak of incarceration in the state of Louisiana where the incarceration rate and conviction rate is at one of the highest in the country. In a state where some cities are bigger than this state itself incarceration is the business or should I say big business. In the days of the civil rights movement the Jim Crow laws were in full effect now days those laws are still somewhat active. In a state where one would blame all things on the person or person’s committing the crimes but in this sense that’s not the case due to the (1) educational level (2)lack of job options,and (3)minimum wages.In a predicament somewhat like myself individuals who are incarcerated then released back into society with little to no help.It’s a problem that people all over this country needs to pay attention to.A lot of people talk about prison reform but no one I mean no one actually pays attention to…It’s a problem because this system was designed to trap people.I’m not just gonna say people of hue but uneducated people in general…..It is shameful that such a state consist of such an incarceration level…Let’s take myself for an example I was convicted bony a jury of 10 jurors which is contrary to United States Constitution. I had a trial that consisted of lies and an over exhausted jury panel.I was in a position where the jury stated that they did not have enough votes either way to vote guilty or not guilty but was pressured by a biased judge to continue deliberating… After a couple hours of asking questions and taking one another’s opinion I was found guilty of a lesser verdict of man slaughter…. The Jim Crow law of a non unanimous verdict was just recently discarded and the actual law of by he constitution was instituted…. It’s been decades of people getting convicted by a non unanimous verdict enslaved into the bowels of the incarceration state of the department of corrections in the state of Louisiana…. One can look info the statistics of this sate and see that the things I speak of isn’t make believe or form a biased stand point because of my current state…. I as convicted with little evidence and someone else DNA but due to my being indigent I can not afford an attorney to fight my appeal.I’ve reached out to the innocent project in New York but haven’t gotten a response back as of yet……. Although I am incarcerated i’m obtaining as much knowledge as possible because my lengthy sentence doesn’t permit me to enlist in collegiate courses..I would like to due octhe fact that if I was given a chance to make a difference I would have the intelligence to do so in many different areas…….. If you would like to expound more on the subject you contact me at WWW. #505368 thank thou for your time…..Sincerely,Nathaniel Mcco……….

Nathan Mccoy
DOC #505368

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