Josh Blount

What Will Your Legacy Be? by Josh Blount

Hard to believe that we are already two weeks into January!  It’s unreal how fast time has been moving, which in my situation, is a blessing.

RWI is going well.   I just moved into Progression 5. If all goes according to schedule,  I’ll  be done in a couple months.   I also got a 60 day time cut for progressing.   That actually moved my out date up into a whole new year,  which was cool to see!

I had a pretty sobering moment at work a couple days ago.   When someone passes away while locked up, all of their belongings are boxed up and brought to the warehouse.   The property is stored there until arrangements can be made with the families.   While putting some boxes away I noticed a familiar name.  This young man slept right across the aisle from me for about six months.   He got moved behind the wall and ended up taking his life.   We never became close but I did get to know him a little bit.   I know he had a beautiful young daughter and he was a very talented artist.  To see all of his possessions packed into two cardboard boxes really hit me hard.

What kind of legacy am I going to leave? Will it just be a couple boxes thrown on a UPS truck? I want the rest of my life to have an impact! I want to use my experiences to help others who might be struggling. I just thank God that He rescued me while I still have that opportunity!

Josh Blount

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  1. Josh, thank you so much for sharing this reflection. It is so tragic to hear of a young man taking his life in prison. I’m so happy for you that, even though there is a shock and grief in it for you, you see a future and and are looking forward to a good future. Praying for you that your time goes smoothly and the same Grace that has given you an opportunity strengthens you to live out the good things you are hoping for. Greetings from South Australia and


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