hello!My name is Johnnie Cook. I am writing this blog regarding having contacted covid-19 and the mistreatment that those of us face when we complain or tested positive. We are house in a unit where I have no source to reach out to the outside world.

The prison officials continue to let inmates eat in the chow Hall which has been a hotspot for covid-19.It is unclean,the tables are not properly cleaned.Moreover,the housing units do not have anything where inmates can wash they hands.Unit staff do not supply soap unless prisoners are listed as indigent. Moreover, The warden,deputy warden of operations, and the unit manager administrator has allowed large groups in the chow hall and at recreation.These spots has been a hot spot.Instead of stopping all inmate movement, and feeding us in the cells which have food slots where staff can serve food through, this has not been implemented. It is only right to control the spread of covid-19 within this institution. Finally,as I am writing this blog,I am place in a unit where it has been treated as a punishment unit for those of us who have covid-19.This area has no access to the phone,no access to send jpays out,no access to hot water,no access to ice,no access to wash our own clothes,only receive 20 minutes of recreation inside the housing unit.When in a regular housing unit receive 2 and 1/2 hours out of cell time,and no access to write kites or complain about the unconstitutional violations that we are force to deal with.

It is unconstitutional for the use of cruel and unusual punishment.
It should be noted that other prison litigators has reached out to the local news to complain about the mistreatment that all prisoner’s are face to deal with.A lot of prisoners do not want to complain about the symptoms that are consisted with having covid-19 out of fear that they will be punished, by being place in a area where all contact of having access to everything else that normal prisoners receive who do not have covid-19 is not giving.Specifically in the housing unit D-1/2-East.This is intentionally meant to keep other prisoners to from reporting the symptoms. The Governor and the Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections continue to ignore this health hazard.The Governor has stated that all prisoners are not to be tested.This is clearly a political reason that those who are able to control the circulation of the virus or to prevent the spread of covid-19 within the prisons is to test all state prisoners.The failure to do such will only continue to keep this virus in the institutions and should not be ignored like it has been continued to be. It is evident to control this virus is to isolate those who are positive in a safe area without the fear of being placed in a area pretending to be accessible when the area is meant to punish those for seeking medical attention for symptoms of having covid-19.This blog should be printed so that the world could know how the Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine continue to treat prisoners in this state.The state has a duty to provide adequate medical service to all state prisoners. The U.S. Const. of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amends. guarantees that all people shall not be deprive of life,liberty, and property.Knowing that this virus is deadly, the Governor is depriving us prisoners of life.

Thank you for your time regarding this topic.This issue needs to be told.
Please stay safe and keep social distance! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

DOC #A591270

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  1. Try to get sunlight which makes your body produce Vitamin D and if u can order Zinc off of the canteen. I am not sure how old you are but up until the last 20 years we as humans have been over using hand sanitizer and antibiotics And sheltering our children From germs. The human body is in amazing thing it will build immunity. Think about it about 30 years ago children were playing in the dirt and had no problems at all. If you are forced to wear a mask at all times you will catch a lung infection. My sympathies go out to you And the pain that you are going through. Everything that’s going on right now is all political. The numbers that they show you are all fake. If you get hit by a bus and at the autopsy you test positive for covid they put you down his dying from covid. If you have a heart attack and you also test
    Positive from covid then you died from covid. the hospitals are making about $30000 if they write covid on the death certificate. I live in Florida and My son Is locked up here as well. I will put this out there for you. I will also be praying for you. God Bless!!🙌🙌


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