Jesse Stinson

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Protecting America Through Experiments On Prisoners, by Jesse Stinson

Throughout the history of the United States there have been those who have through their Office, or as scientist taking it upon themeselves, or even those random individuals loosely tied to governments, who have been tasked with finding new and inventive ways to protect our way of life and advance our positioning on the chess board we call the world stage. Your tax dollars become the pockets for these “purpose filled ventures”. Seldom do we see or, should I say, are we allowed to see the effects of the “ventures” on the men and woman who unknowingly become collateral damage, caught in their net, in America or abroad. An important moral question arises from this enigma. As Citizens, do we care about the moral delimma of protecting our way of life and exploring new tools, through the pain of our third class citizens? As I ponder this delimma I cant help but think, if During the reign of Hitler, through his numerous experiments of torture and the widespread death that was caused from it, did the citizens of Germany care what went on behind the scene’s to the foreign adversaries who underwent those experiments, as well as their own third class citizens, who unwillingly gave their life in the name of ideology, science and country.
The one thing I have learned through my study of history is its patterns. I believe it was the Buddha who expressed that as humans we live a pain filled cyclic existents. He believed that this was the one thing that would remain constant in our lives. As evidence could we point to the lives of the numerous prophets in the Bible, Quran and Torah to support this pessimistic view of our world. Moreover, could we point to the scientists who skinned and tortured our once slaves to prove their inferiority to their white conterparts. All done in the name of science.
I am moved to flash back to the era of the Cold War, when the CIA appointed a man named Godlip as their Chief Chemist and Scientist. He went on to dream up numerous advancements within the Intelligence Community and became known throught the community as the Poisoner and Chief. The name was well earned though as his story was further revealed to the public. His exploits are told by Kenser in his book entitled Poisoner and Chief. The book tells the real untold story of the trail of death and immoral actions of a scientist that went on to be funded but unchecked by our government. A story that took almost 50 years to be told. He was the catalyst for the un-sanctioned experiment and use of MK Ultra, aka LSD. It was never widely known that along his journey he passed out LSD to Prison Officials. Who then allowed experiments to be conducted on prisoners without their permission or knowledge. They were watched to see if LSD had any possible uses as a drug for mind control, truth serum, temporary memory loss, its ability to make someone go crazy and even its possible use on unsuspecting individuals to make them do things they would not do otherwise. No one knows how many prisoners were really subjected to the experiments or how many died as a result. These experiments were done, to 3rd class citizens, in the name of ideology, science, Country and as usual in the name of Money.
Let us fast-forward to the year of our Lord 2019 B.C. (Before Coronavirus), sometime in the future were this same Godlip pattern continues to play out. I was housed in an Institution in Marion, Ohio. After a year of informal complaints, Grievances, and pleading with the Administration to stop the loss of, destruction of my legal mail and their refusal to send it out to the clerk of courts. I decided to write a letter, like so many other prisoners who have learned to use their words wisely, to the Postmaster General and the Govonor explaining what was going on and requesting some direction on what I could do to fix the issue. Eventually I learned of and underwent an attack by other prisoners. During my placement in Segregation I watched as staff research my file for other prisoners, assist them with planing another attack and put feces in my breakfast. These are usual circumstances placed on Men and Woman incarcerated throughout the U.S. who wish to stand up to Institution’s and Administration’s who believe Prisoners should stay in their place.
Eventually I was transfered to another Institution. I began to notice that I had inadvertently ended up on the wrong side of someone in power. My name moved to the top of a list no man would wish to be on. I found myself in the hole, a 192 pound 34 year old man, unknowingly begining some sort of experiment. I was connected to some type of machine that allowed the operator to shock diffrent parts of my body and increase/decrease my body tempeture, amongst other things, while not having to be in the room to do so. I was placed in a cell and given chemicals, introduce thru food, that caused vomiting, severe stomach pain, and dehydration. The lack of water and food paired with the chemicals caused me to go in and out of consciousness. I was constantly shocked and told to committ suicide.
The oparator would continue their onslot approximately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One day I found myself unaware of time, almost naked, laying on cold cement in the middle of winter next to a metal toilet being told to stand and get dressed. Though I could barely stand happiness filled me. It was finally over.

* * *

I was transfered to yet another Institution. Upon the intake medical screening I was told I was now 148 pounds and given my mental state, which I attribute to my previous treatment, I was placed on observation. A few hours later the sessions continued. This time the operator took a diffrent approach. I was not allowed to sleep for 24 to 48 hours at a time. During these times I would be forced to listen to audio of my mother being drowned. The Operator would continuously repeat crimes he said I committed or that I would soon be attributed with. Then he would begin the “questioning” phase. Answering that I did not know anything about it, or for that matter anything less than a close regurgitation, would result in a shock. Once I received a shock to the heart that felt like what I would imagine a severe heart attack to feel like. I was continuously told that I would die a horrible death or be charged with one of the crimes mentioned by the operator.
When I was allowed to sleep It was common place for me to awake and hear audio playing that sounded like my voice. At other times I would have to focus on trying to breath because somehow the machine would allow them to manipulate my tempeture and breathing, making the cell seem like a tomb closing in on me.
Almost all the sessions had a large amount of time dedicated to memory. They would usually say a word and a certain memory would follow. A few times, to the excitement of the operator, I would have memories that were not mine or I would not be able to remember some of my own personal memories.
Ordinarily there was only one operator conducting the sessions. His voice would come thru the vent in the cell. Sometimes others would participate in the sessions but their voices would be coming from outside the cell but in a slightly higher pitch. Needless to say, I had no knowledge of any of this nor did I give my permission. What was obvious to me was that I had no where to turn. It would be useless to seek any administrative relief because of the amount of access the operator had to me.
11 months and 22 days later, as of November 22nd in the year of our Lord 2020 A.C.,after corona, thru numerous threats to kill my family, threats to hurt my children after my death, and thru the torture, I find myself wondering if anyone would care that, third class, citizens are still being tortured and used as Rhesus Monkeys. Our pain swept under a Rug woven together with convenient diagnosis’s of Mental Health Issues and the hope that society continues to turn it’s collective head to the treatment of their 3rd Class Citizens. In the name of what? Ideology, Science or my Country. Maybe something more simplistic this time such as Money or even revenge.
At the risk of stating the obvious. Has anyone ever thought how easily this technology could be used inside the land of the free. The bravest of Senator’s or CEO’s would be reduced to tears and/or anger in situations where an unseen enemy could make a request, at its denial the Senator or CEO’s childs heart could be sent a shock. Or are we at that point in the 21st Century were we will look back and say ” What were we thinking!” The Constitution of the United States used to protect all men from Cruel and Unusual punishment, the right to be free from slavery, and the right to have a fair trial. Does this only apply now if an Institution has no use for you.
I wish to leave you with this quote who’s author is unknown like that of my operator’s. “If a rule is not straight, it can not be used to make a square; If a compass is not correct it can not be used to make a circle. The individual is the rule and compass of affairs; No one has ever heard of being able to rectify others while being crooked ones self”.
In a world full of crookedness I implore you to not become another spiritually disconnected free handed circle but instated a compass that others could use as an example. #PoisonerNChiefReplay #3rdClassPrisoners

Jesse M. Stinson
DOC #A710916
Grafton Correctional Institution, Ohio.

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