John Mcconnell


Whats up people of the blog! I haven’t written anything for a LONG time but I think I am gonna start again. Things in my life have definitely been a roller coaster this past 6 months. Ive been to the hole several times in and out of LPH block and in about 3 or 4 different blocks on this compound. I had very recently really gotten on the right track and got myself a job in the kitchen and everything just to get it all flushed down the toilet not even by my own actions but by the actions of one of my childish ass little homies that want to be way too happy to see me jump on my back piss me off by knocking my sunglasses off of my face making me punch on him horseplaying and get me thrown into LPH for the weekend and lose my job and everyhting else I had going on. I am now in a pretty decent block though and things are looking up for me once again. I definitely have a lot of things going in my favor but If you know Mack then you know that when thi9ngs seem too good to be true or like things are going far too well that most likely means that somthing terrible is bound to happen. We can laugh now lol but god only knows we will prolly be crying later. Where are all of my fans at… Sorry to leave ya’ll hanging lately but I was going through some shit. I feel like I may have met the love of my life… I also once again feel like it might be too good to be true and that Im asking for heartache and pain by being so open… We will see. We will see… You know who you are and you know what it is we share and how I feel….. Its all on you….
Well people hit me up on Jpay…


John R. Mcconnell DOC #a731514
po box 120
Lebanon , Oh 45036

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