Da'Von Motley Sr.

#LifeIt’sSelfMatters, by Da’Von Motley Sr.

Assalaamu Alaikum!!
In no way am I saying any of the civil rights movements that’s happening across America or the world holds no weight. I’m supporting this movement as well as others. #LifeIt’sSelfMatters means so much more to me than it sounds. It goes deeper than the surface and touches roots. Life itself matters?? What does that mean?? Just hearing it or reading it sounds like a rebuttal to all the many hashtags we see today from #Black, Blue, Latino, Asian, White, Prisoner, Young, Senior Citizens or ALL Lives Matter. We can create a rebuttal to all of these and without intending to we can spark division. Its obvious when we watch the news and see the clashes between protesters and police or counter-protesters. Its imperative that change happens sooner rather than later for the sake of humanity. We have found ways to exploit the weak and vulnerable since the beginning of time. The time is now to implement the necessary changes to guarantee equality and foster unity. Its 2020 and the feeling I get while I’m in prison is this country is moments away from a race war or worse a class war. The rich vs the poor. Its not easy living life as a struggling black man in America trying to do the right thing. Systemic racism prevents minorities from reaching a certain level of success. It prevents groups of people from having the same opportunities as their Caucasian counterparts. When the people we look up to lead the nations fight for what’s actually right and fight for the poor family and not just their own family maybe we will see change. We can’t depend on a handful of people taking that road. This movement starts at the bottom. When we put value on our own lives then that’s when we really matter. Many people believe in law and the constitution and use it as a form of oppression. Its just too much hate in the world today. The same laws and constitution would only allow white men vote once upon a time in this country. Change happened though and today were still fighting for equal voting rights and equal access to the polls. Voter suppression is something that’s on the minds of those who are less fortunate when its time for their voices to be heard. Time after time we see different cases of police brutality displayed across T.V. networks and depending on what network your watching excuses are given for these actions. What’s surprising to me recently was the case in which a Caucasian male in his early 20’s left his home city and state to stand guard equipped with a fully automatic assault rifle in another city and state and ultimately killed two people because of those intentions, thoughts and actions. Surprisingly he has the support of many because he was protecting “property” allegedly and no one has the right to loot or burn down businesses. I think that America is so wrapped up in their “right to bare arms” that the police departments are given slaps on the wrist for the actions of a few of their officers. When it comes to citizens in America, if you have your gun licenses then you can pretty much start your own law enforcement program and aim your guns, shoot and kill whoever you want. Why you ask?? Well money, power, wealth, politics, race, and social class runs this country. If your poor, broke barely working or not working your expendable. On the other hand if you’ve inherited millions of your families money then you get chances and opportunities people will never see in their life time. In Islam we are obliged to pay Zakat.. look it up. Its somewhat a poor tax but it goes beyond monetary values in many instances. Those who are much more fortunate than other MUST gve back to to those who are less fortunate. This keeps the community at peace, keeps families whole, keeps businesses thriving, and it curves crime and violence. Allah (swt) has commanded us to do this deed and you have to wonder WHY?? The created of everything in this universe has told us to give to those in need no matter what if your able to. Unfortunately in the United States capitalism rules the law. Your life is less valuable than my life or my families life but you can work minimum wage with no benefits and struggle to survive while you juggle 2-3 jobs. When #LifeIt’sSelfMatters issues like equality in the communities we live in shouldn’t be a debate. Health care shouldn’t be a political talking point. When there’s a pandemic plaguing the entire population on earth one would think health care would be a right and not privileges to the highest bidder or more affluent in our society. What we intend to do, think about doing and actually plan to do matters most right now. Moving forward please think about life its self and make choices that helps humanity as a whole. Our children are the ones depending on our actions today. The things we teach them are the things they teach their children. Cycles need to be broken and lessons need to be taught. We can easily put an end to the chaos in this country with a little humility and integrity. Everyone should wake up and feel wanted, needed, loved, respected, valued and knowing their life matters dispite where they live. Be safe, keep healthy, and stay beautiful out there!! Peace and blessings!!

Da’Von Motley Sr. #707-119
Abdul-HaLeem RaQeeb
Allen Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4501
Lima, OH 45802

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