Sean Brown

IT’S NOT A SPRINT, by Sean Brown

Perfect blemishes highlight the beautiful facets of Life,
Enhanced variances keep Me enticed & Focused on the way You shine bright.
Marred perfection is the unexpected vision of Allurement,
Guaranteeing My Determination to secure this,
Connection & Bind that has Us so intertwined,
Preserving that essential element of Our prime.
Youthful memories are so frail beneath the weight of reality checks,
Yet their resonance can carry Us through the turbulence & crash threats.
It’s all about sifting through the mix keeping the Precious things which bind Us,
Tossing out the rest because fantasies & keeping scores don’t have the power to Refine Us.
What keeps Us going & keeps Us whole is the merging of Our Souls,
Dedicated to a Common Purpose, playing no games & no roles.
I Love You like I Love Me, & We deserve Life’s best,
As long as We stand strong, United in Love We’ll withstand any test.

DOC #1083630

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