”1 deep breath & 1 last chance” A life spent alone is a life not worth
living well at least thats how i see.
After 10 years i thought i finally found the woman that i felt i deserved,i was starstruck
by how beautiful she was, the glow of her silk light brown complexion,her button shaped eyes she to me in my eyes was flawless..

i found myself thinking about her daily i even started to day dream things we would be
doing together once i was set free.after only a week of meeting i developed feelings for that i didnt even realize were still in me
do to all the failed attempts at happiness.

after hearing about all her failed attempts i thought to myself i cant fail her now i have to be the one to make her happy and appreciated.
after making several calls and sending several emails.i panicked my anxiety kicked in my heart was pounding a million times a second….
i thought maybe i wasnt the one for her and maybe she was scared to tell me.

so i went into defense and did what every other guy did to her broke her heart.i broke her heart and said things to her that were untrue out of fear of being hurt myself…and it was all a misunderstanding..she was so busy at work and furthering her career that she didnt have time to answer the phone or respond to emails.

i went on a rant thinking she cut out on me
little did i know i was cutting myself out and didnt realize it until it was too late..

i didnt take the time to calm myself and take
one deep breath..and it cost me dearly
and now here iam begging for forgiveness and to please Give me one more chance…

never let your emotions dictate your future.
theres a purpose for everything in life good or bad acting of impulse or out of emotion has always led to disaster..when all we couldve done to prevent a bad outcome is to take a deep breath and breathe and if you know you made a mistake own up to it and be genuine maybe just maybe things will work out for the best.

Always remember one thing you only get one shot at True love so if its on the rocks and its looking rough do whatever it takes to fix it fast even if its your last breath..

today i didnt realize what i couldve had until it was gone my fear of being alone for the rest of my life has on day 3 of not eating because ive been thinking about what can i do at this very moment to right my wrongs.

I admit right now that i was wrong and that i made a huge mistake please forgive me?im sorry will you please give me one more chance
my friend L.leflore

DOC #A668291

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