Dennis Martin

Prayer Works, by Dennis Martin

It’s only right that begin this build with saying…PEACE! It’s been a minute since I’ve given my brothers & sisters a piece of my reality, but that was by the design of the Most High. A few builds ago, I spoke on a sensitive subject to some, not so sensitive to others. But…it was my elaboration on love & how a situation that I went thru’ birthed a hate for love. If you haven’t read it, I ask you to please stop right here & go read that build. It’s entitled “The Hate That Comes From Love”. After reading that, come back to this & you will have a better understanding of where I’m going with this build.

After long contemplation & self reflecting, I went to the Most High in intense prayer & asked for His guidance & for Him to remove that hate for love from my heart. I wasn’t as consistent as I should’ve been with my prayer, but when I did pray, I was sincere & opened up completely. For a while, I felt that my prayers went unheard because I just couldn’t feel His touch. I wanted to physically feel Him removing that hate from my heart, not really understanding that it was going to be removed through spiritual healing. I remained humble & just continued to focus on bettering myself as an all around person & utilized patience. When I tell y’all that God is good, PLEASE believe me. I KNOW for a fact that “Prayer Works”. I no longer have that hate in my heart. I feel like I’ve endured a spiritual cleansing & it prepared me for my best blessing yet. Even though I had stopped searching for it, I knew that I was ready to love again & He knew it to because He answered my prayer by sending me my own personal angel in human form. I give thanks just because He is so worthy to be praised. He blessed me with the love of my life & we are both happier than we’ve ever been.

When you pray about something & you’re 100% sincere about it, your prayers WILL be answered. He might not come when you want Him to, but He’s ALWAYS right on time. Right when I felt that here was no hope in finding REAL TRUE LOVE, I met a woman that I feel the Most High created just for me. Our connection was instant & the bond has just been growing rapidly since day one. She has helped me grasp a better understanding of what love really is & opened my eyes to the right way to love, making me feel good about loving again. This woman that I speak of, MY BEAUTIFUL BLACK QUEEN, is realness, sincerity, happiness, love, trust, & loyalty personified. She is truly my everything & I thank God for her everyday. I feel that my sincere prayers were answered the day she walked into my life & I will FOREVER be grateful. I know this woman loves me whole heartedly & so unconditionally because she constantly puts emphasis on going out of her way to make sure that I’m reassured that she genuinely cares for me & loves me. That makes it so easy for me to love her just as hard & just as unconditionally in return. I NEVER question the motives of the Most High, but I find myself asking…what did I do to deserve such a wonderful blessing? I prayed for the removal of hate from my heart & He replaced that hate with a love so intense, so divine, so pure. I give Him the glory because I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life & I need y’all to know that prayer really does work & it changes things.

My vision of reality is no longer blurry when it comes to love, thanks to the Most High. I’m blessed to be able to love again & I love my Queen deeply with no fear, KNOWING that I’m getting that exact same love in return. God is so good, y’all. My brothers & sisters, just expand your horizon & NEVER doubt the Most High & the power of prayer. This might not affect everybody, but I hope that at least one person can relate & use this build, a piece of my reality, as a tool to rejoice & give thanks. I assure you that when in need, you can go to the Most High because prayer definitely works. With that being said, I leave you how I greeted you…PEACE!

-Forever Real-

Dennis Martin
DOC #1152550

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