Erica Thomas

WHERE IS MEDICAL, by Erica Thomas

For the last few days I have witnessed the most scariest turn of events by staff. This past Saturday the officer came and counted. Once she counted she then asked me if I wanted to shower. I replied, yes. Mind you I’m in lockdown and the officer has to take each of us back and forth to the shower. I’m on my way to the shower and others are asking about being allowed to shower. The officer then says, I asked y’all while y’all were sleep if you wanted to shower. I immediately turn to her and say you do know they can’t hear you if their asleep? She says, that’s not my problem. One inmate yells…anything to make her job easier. I said, especially when she never asked anyone but me and that’s because I was awake. I know inmates lie just like everyone else but for 1 out of 20 females to be allowed to shower everyone is NOT a lie. The other 19 were not allowed to shower because ” she wasn’t feeling well”. With the Covid 19 everyone wants to wash as much as possible.
Shortly after I’m guessing about a hour or so a young lady goes into seizer. She had heen having seizers back to back for a couple days. We all scream for help being the officer wasn’t on the range. She shows up after about 10 to 12 minutes of us all yelling for help. Mind you we’re pressing the call button for assistance, which clearly does not work. The officer then stands and watches the young lady have the seizer with out radioing for medical help. At that time an officer of the C.E.R.T team (one we inmates call a good officer) comes to the range because of us all screaming for help. Once she’s informed of the situation she checks on the inmate. She sees the urgency and later the young lady is taken off the range for emergency care.
Another inmate was administered the wrong medication back in April which gave her an allergic reaction. She swelled nearly beyond recognition. At that time we both were housed in B-unit. We talked daily. After days of suffering eyes swollen and her body in hives she was finally taken to the hospital. Yes it was that severe. She hasn’t received her meds that help with the (after effects) of being given the wrong medicine by the facility months ago. She has been swelling and breaking out all over again. One officer saw her and escorted her to the medical floor. The nurse, then sent her back saying it wasn’t an emergency.He was tired of her asking for help. I’m like WOW… The lack of professionalism among the medical staff has cause unnecessary deaths already. Not taking these matters and a lot others seriously. The famous ” put in a sick call ” is the advice given. Believing that we inmates fake our illnesses. I would think since we actually have to pay for the medical attention why not take care of the inmate whether they think an inmate is faking or not. I know there is a lot of inmates that can become ill at once and some more severe then others but to eliminate any room for life threatening illnesses take care of the issue eliminating chance for error. Since my incarceration several ladies have passed or become very ill because of improper actions of staff not taking the inmate serious and or medical staff lack of care or urgency. I can almost assure you the ones that passed were thinking amongst other things…..WHERE IS MEDICAL?

Erica Thomas
Lee Arrendale State Prison.
Alto, Ga. 30510

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