Angelo Vasquez

BUT I CANT VOTE? by Angelo Vasquez

Prop 17 Restores the right to vote to those who are no longer in prison. We’re talking about humans who live here too, if we have no right to vote while free then are we ever free? Prison has been known for a few things like making a criminal worse, dehumanizing good people, and educating the hell out of us!
With nothing but books and time we learn a lot. Many of us feel the right to vote should be based on IQ not past mistakes. If a white supremacist can vote with a criminal philosophy than why can’t I? An individual out of prison earns their way out of prison, they get out for being good! They are more worthy to vote than many that do or have the right but fail to use it.
Not allowing ”free” people to vote says they don’t matter, they’re not good enough, their opinion is meritless they are no longer apart of society, no longer American nor human. It says they are worth more than those who made mistakes, well at least they haven’t been caught like Lee Baca, Tanaka sheriffs of LA county who coordinated murder. Or DA Jack Lacey was caught receiving money indirectly from validated gangsters for their political agenda.
These are the people that dare say I can’t vote? The ”President” is a loud and proud criminal where do I start? But I can’t vote because I was wrongfully incarcerated when I was 16 years for crimes they knew I didn’t do. The actual perp turned himself in the same night of the crime. I’m going on 15 years in a cell before a fair law is passed where I can be resentenced and go home.
But I can’t vote?!
They rigged all votes on laws and elections by taking the right away from the very people it affects firsthand!
I will be home soon due to sb1437, I feel no connection with ”my” government at all. Vote yes on Prop 17
And vote hell nope on prop 20
This takes away good time credits for those who are doing good in prison!
This takes away hope, the last thing we want is prisoners with no hope and nothing to lose. It increases penalties for certain offenses and will wrongfully incarcerate hundreds of thousands! It will reclassify non violent offenses to violent, they get to add multiple 10 year enhancements making a three year offense that could be served in a rehab or camp into a 25 to life sentence on a level 4 maximum security prisons. They’ll strike out thousands resulting in more life sentences and the problem of mass incarceration will continue to take your money! We are the only country that locks up its citizens for everything and for the rest of their lives! We know the news ” USA makes up five percent of the worlds population, yet out of the worlds incarcerated population we make up twenty percent… TWENTY PERCENT!!” Thats just disgusting! And what have you done about it as a citizen? Not a damn thing but I can’t vote.This prop 20 is insanity, it’s extreme, they are lying to you! Blatantly lying about the tens of millions of dollars that will be wasted if it passes! I’m talking about your hard earned money! They didn’t mention that did they? VOTE HELL NOPE ON PROP 20! HELL NOPE!

Angelo Vasquez

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