Angelo Vasquez

WHAT IS EVIL? by Angelo Vasquez

When we go into what is good and what is evil it can turn into a personal opinionated topic, even though to get a solid resolve we must remain objective and understanding to differences. Many things have become “demonic” in fact the very word ‘demonic’ has in itself. It comes from the title Daimon where it is first from the Greek pantheon, the Olympic gods are called daimones. From Hesiod onwards ( A Greek poet in 8th century BC) they were understood as beings between gods and heroes who may have a beneficent or a malevolent influence on human destiny. They were regarded as personal guardians. In Greek philosophy daimonion came to mean the divine spark in man.
However under Roman, and Christian influence they were all regarded as sinister and evil. Which is Theologically illogical because from this they made all their intermediate daimons/angels “evil” out of their primitive territorial religions attempting domination. It’s spiritual defamation, obviously all beings have the capability to do good things and bad things but when one is committed does that one action or desire define the being ? And if so for how long? In Christian mythology their god Yahweh killed every first born son in Egypt because a pharaoh wouldn’t renounce his religion and worship him.
This heinous act whether true or not the worshippers of Yahweh believe in it, wouldn’t this one act demonize him? Should it?
Devel or Del is what Gypsies have called their highest being. And of course contact with Christian influence led to a distinction between ‘Baro’ or ‘Phuro’
Devel, which is the great or old god. And ‘Tikno’ or ‘Tarno’ Devel , meaning small or young god. The latter being Christ. The word Devel is cognate with Sanskrit deva which means heavenly or devine. Devi in Indian religions means the designation of female deities, which are incarnations of natural phenomena. For example the spouse of Siva is designated as Devi.
My point is no god wrote anything, they create and influence. It is we humans that become inspired to paraphrase our personal experiences with our Daimons or guardians. Like minded individuals congregate and formulate mass cults into major religious phenomena and differences are seen as unholy or evil. It is not god, it is not godly, it is primitive. How can we as a species move forward and evolve while so much ancient baggage is clutched against our hearts? Religion, government, armies, tribes and all concepts of conformity need to be carefully balanced away. When we realize we are all gods unto ourselves we see how different and one we are, without
primitive concepts like religion/cults maybe we can let go and move on.
Stay true.

Angelo Vasquez
DOC #G-07505

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  1. Error I’ll tell you what evol is! And it’s not you doll! I am on probation right now basically I as you watch my blog you’ll learn about need and thank you for peeking in on me btw! But essentially I am a recovering junky! The moment that pushed me into sobriety was realizing that I wasn’t a kid anymore as the state boys stormed thru the trap house I was living in! I was fucking 42! So I got clean but caught a criminal charge…POSSESSION…ONE SINGLE BAG OF GARBAGE DOPE! my punishment? 2 effing years probation! But truthfully I was okay with it, something light! Real light! Except last nite I tried to figure out how to get my ballot, as an activist and feminist voting is important to me! I’M A FUCKING CRIMINAL NOW I CAN NEVER VOTE AGAIN BECAUSE OF ONE BAG OF DOPE! I’m sorry my venting to you but wtf! It may seem like such a small thing but it’s been such a big part of my identity do I deserve that severe of a punishment for being unwell? I’m of to rage against the dying of the lite love thanx for listening!


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