Feeedom, by Noni J. Stinson

You have to have been improsioned to truly understand what freedom is. You can be imprisoned by the limits of your physical body, you can be imprisoned by addiction, self-hate, greed or any other negative behavior or attitude. This is a lesson that I have learned during this experience. I use to think that being free had to do with my physical body. I had to learn that imprisonment and freedom are mindsets. That’s why it was so easy for me to not care when I first came to prison. I had the mentality that if I was going to be locked up like an animal, I may as well act like an animal. I did everything that you see in the TV shows, with the only exceptions being drugs and cigarettes. But everything else, I did it. I didn’t care how much I hurt myself or others. I didn’t even call home most times because I couldn’t stomach hearing them living life while I was stuck behind these bars. I felt trapped and I behaved like any trapped animal will…I came out with my claws extended. I fought against every good thing that I had going for me. It took a while, but one day I had an epiphany… I realized that I was only as trapped as I let my mind believe I was. I had to pray and dig deep, but eventually I started being able to take inventory and being able to see all of the possibilities I still had before me. I start small, but over time I was able to change my thinking, which in turn changed my behavior. I started fighting to get out and fighting for others as well. I started programs to help the ladies in here better themselves. I had a purpose and one day I woke up and I no longer felt trapped. I had hope and I finally felt free!

Noni J. Stinson
DOC# v04848

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