Matthew Puccio

The Person of Jesus Christ, by Matthew Puccio

We all know Jesus as the Suffering Servant, as the Only Begotten Son of God, as Redeemer of the world, as the Word made flesh, and as God. With the help of Jesus Christ we will be able to understand more about His being through this study.

When Jesus washed His disciples feet during the Last Supper event in the Bible He took the roll of the lowest of servants at that point. Why would the Savior of the world lower Himself in such a manner? Why would the God of creation bring Himself as an infinite being humble Himself to serve His own very creation? Jesus did this so we may see what roll we are to take not towards God only, but with our fellow man.

It takes a lot of love to humble one’s self in such a manner. By serving as Jesus did we are showing love to others who may just be Angels in disguise.

The Holy Spirit will create in us such a passion to serve in the love that Jesus gives us that others will know it is God showing them their loved this way. Humility is key since we cannot be properly used if we have a prideful attitude about things.

Genesis tells us of the creation process and how God spoke and all life was created, yet He chose to form us by His very own hands. Then He gave us His breath and His Spirit for life. Then Jesus comes several thousand years later and is the Word made flesh that dwelt among us. That tells us that the very Word God spoke in the creation event was Jesus Christ.

Only through Jesus’ love for the Father was He willing to serve in the manner He did and was He willing to suffer.

By serving God we show God we love Him (especially Jesus), then by serving others we show them the love God has for them by following Jesus’ example.

Jesus (the Friend of Sinner) laid down His life so we sinner wouldn’t die in our transgressions. If Jesus never died for us then we would be required to die. This is also the beauty of believing in Him. Only those who die in their sins are required to pay the spiritual penalty of their choices.

There is an issue though with Jesus being our friend. When we don’t spend time with Him in prayer and reading the Word, it is like a good friend we had growing up that when they move away we start to forget all about them. The friendship only works if we spend time with Him. Jesus fought off temptations by quoting Scripture and it is no diiferent for us.

God’s grace is sufficient for all of us and that means we can strive off of the strength of God in all we do. This also includes our daily situations that arise in our lives.

Jesus was born to die for our sins and to set the example on what God expects of us. Plus we needed someone to reveal to us who God is, and that someone is Jesus Christ.

When Jesus rose from the grave all curses, every disease, the power of Hell, the works of Satan, any type of suffering, and any form of strife was defeated at that very moment by being overcome. When we have these issues arise in our lives it is to remind us why we need God. They are also meant to turn us to God for help.

There is Power in the Name of Jesus. By what name do demons flee? What name is higher than Heaven itself? There is no other name but the Name of Jesus and that I can promise you. Why else will all knees bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord if it wasn’t so? Especially just at the sound of His name. That is power! We tap into that power every time we pray in the name of Jesus.

It’s His light that guides everyone of us home. It’s this home that we don’t even truly know, yet Jesus prepares a mansion for each true and serious believed. We show that seriousness and dedication by doing as Jesus commands and by placing our faith in Him.

Believing takes a course on ones being. We are renewed by God transforming us. First by transforming our minds then by our actions down to our very speech.

We need the Suffering Servant to created us anew every day since every day we sin. The old must perish so we may put in Christ every day we are blessed with new life.

We’re meant for so much more than this. God made us to love Him and to be loved by Him. Where we fail God will only prevail and He told us this in Isaiah 41:10.

In closing I pray that the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding will fill your lives with faith, hope, joy, ams with His Spirit. Then when we see Him we can hear Him say, “What sin? I have cast it as far as the East is from the West. Though your sin was as scarlet I have made you white as snow. Behold the Kingdom of Heaven. Welcome good and faithful servant.”

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