Sean Brown


What does it all mean?
What are We dealing with? What are We talking about? How does it fit inside the seams?
How did it come down to this, when We can’t even pinpoint how it began or why it seems
To be so unpredictably unexplainable yet @ the same time part of a Pattern in which We’re caught up in the sequence of events in between?
Yeah, it’s bigger than Me.
It’s bigger than You, bigger than Us & every single one of Our little schemes.
Shoot for the Stars & reach for the Sun, then maybe We can achieve just a portion of what HE did.
We live in this mad world of reverse roles where Souls wear masks & mean wigs,
It’s an everyday task just to be able to recognize the difference between lions & clean pigs.
That’s how warped & twisted everything appears,
Reminding Us constantly that appearance is hardly ever real.
Because once We start thinking that We’ve figured it out,
The whole road swerves & turns into an alternate route.
What’s that all about?
The “throw-off” is the normal operation of this system’s “52 Fake Out”.
But it makes perfect sense if You stand aside, switch angles, & don’t overthink it all,
And it works also if You break it down to the smallest particles of small.
The bottom line is don’t get sucked into the darkness of the Abyss,
That Black Hole is the same Huge Sun shining bright on the other side of what’s gone amiss.

DOC #1083630

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