Davin Wallace

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together, by Davin Wallace

In no form or fashion can nor will I judge a individual nor a flock. But I have recognized I can’t & won’t walk in the counsel of the same flocks of my past. Of the old me, it was fitting to hang with ungodly guys & lock in with ungodly females. At some point I became attached and one with all the wrong birds: buzzards, crows, pigeons & ducks, and actually looked down at the doves (people who had cleaned their lives up), like they was the filthy wild ones in which I was and surrounded by. Don’t get me wrong, I still got BIG LOVE (agape) for the old flocks I ran or laid with, but I got to call it as it was & for many, it still is. I once even got to a point where I looked for the certain people that was fitting for the wicked & selfish life I was living. While hanging or sleeping with certain people I wasn’t realizing we was spiritually bonded and that’s mostly why we (females & myself) was cool with not committing to marriage, and alright with sharing our bodies with each other & others with no shame, while me & my homeboys was cool with seeing each other throwing away our lives in the streets & dishonoring our families & misguiding our children with behavior that went against the words “I love You”. Misery loves company (sml w/a head shake) so it was easy for all parties to embrace each other with fake smiles, encourage & share drug & other addictions to cover up the pain we was afflicting on ourselves & each other. I use to question how & why me & females that seem so indifferent seem to enjoy one another. I come to believe we wasnt so indifferent, that we was simply from the same lustful flocks, and we fed off each other’s spirits and desires in the moments we were joined together. Afterwards it was no attraction nor need for each other so we was out and onto the next fitting flock or one that was of the flock.
If you want to lay in a eagles nest you better not be a pigeon. And the difference between eagles & pigeons, is that eagles soar much higher not getting easily tangled in the traps of this world.
What would it look like for a dove to be running behind the buzzards? Honestly we got the choice to be who we desire to be just as we have the choice to be who we desire to be part of. I can truly say it feels relieving to be free from the bondages of the world and the flocks or person of it. Consecrate/Set yourself apart!! Love & God Bless All!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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