Davin Wallace

TRUST GOD! by Davin Wallace

Brothers & sisters I call for a “proclaimed fast” by the family of Jesus Christ for the deliverance of the men & women of God incarcerated in Virginia. The following is what I stand on concerning what the children of God has been directed & called to do. As we fast for deliverance, I desire that we all seek to grow spiritually & become more intimate with God, while also trusting that God will prepare His children that is incarcerated for the society we have been distant from. I’m not saying we are innocent concerning our crimes or sins, but me knowing my God, His grace, mercy & love that He has given is what He desires to be received & manifested through us all. The fast will take place from August 15-17.

What is a fast? A fast is a day or days to afflict/humble the soul(Ps.35:13; 1Cor.7:5); to refrain from food for spiritual & intimate observation & consecration(1Sam.7:5-6; Deut.9:9; Est.6:6-15). Fasting is a spiritual principle, tool & weapon to bring God’s children in line with His Word as it equips us internally that we may walk in faith & in obedience to God for the already established blessed life that He has called us to which includes deliverance, prosperity, victory etc. right here & now in this world.

There are two general kinds of fasting; 1)Personal fast (Matt6:16-18; 2Cor6:5, 11:27), & 2)Proclaimed fast- Entered into by entire congregation, community etc. (2Chron.20; Joel1:14).

We enter a fast with faith in our God that He is whom He has declared to be & that His Word is & has been established already on our behalf concerning whatever we bring before His throne. Fasting brings about spiritual growth(Prov.4:20-23, 14:30, 18:14). Deliverance(Ezra8:21, 23, 31; Neh1:4; Est.4:3, 16; Dan9:3 Joel 1:14). Revelation(Dan.10:3; Acts 27:21).

In fasting we should believe without question for the reward(Matt6:18). More important in fast we should be ministering(giving ourselves) to the Lord and thanking Him for the reward whether physically seeing it yet or not(Eph.6:19; Acts13:2-3).

Steps in a fast should be first: 1)Decide the purpose of the fast, 2)Proclaim the fast before the Lord, 3)Believe you receive the reward (Matt6:18) before, not after, 4)Minister to the Lord & thank Him for the reward(Eph.6:19; Colo.3:16). 5)Minister to others during the fast as led, and after the fast always. 6)Expect assistance from the angels(Matt.4:11).

Fasting gets the flesh out the way. Give the heart an opportunity to be built up by putting as little demand on it as possible by the flesh. The results is Eph.3:20(spiritual maturity); Gal. 5:22-25 (The fruit of the spirit).

Fasting concerning sin, if it does not express true sorrow for sin, and does not promote the putting away of sin, it is not a fast.

The professors in Isaiah 58:3-12 had shown sorrow on stated or occasioned fast, but they indulged in pride, covetousness and maligent() passions.
To be liberal & merciful is more acceptable to the Father than mere fasting, which, without them, is vain & hypocritical. Fasting should not be done in hypocrisy nor just to gain, but with a heart of sincerity and giving to the Lord, otherwise those type of fast is not accepted, such as that of those in Zech. 7:17. There was the form of duty, but no life, or soul, or power in it. Holy exercises is to be done to God, looking to His Word as our rule and His glory as our end, seeking to please Him and obtain His favor, but self should never be the centre of our actions. Nor should our fasting be for show nor unto men(Matt.6:16-18). But truly unto God.
Glory Be To God For Our Deliverance!!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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