Ironicly, I introduced Brittany, the signifigant woman in my life, who I came to love dearly, came into my life broken. I mended her broken wing, and in turn, she broke my heart before flying away. I like to think I’m a pretty seasoned, streetwise dude, but she spinned me good. I thought this woman would be my wife, I even had a law clerk drawing up affidavits for us to be married by proxy, using my uncle as a stand in at the courthouse because of restrictions due to covid19, when her intentions were never to follow through.

Sometimes we come to a point in life when we feel like its time for something, and we rush into it just to be disappointed. I had nothing but good intentions, I’m sick about this. But ima continue on my search because I believe that if you ain’t lookin for somethin, you will probably never find it. And I end this in the spirit of love, as I won’t be discouraged.

Rico D. Comer #732167
Toledo Ohio Correctional Institution
2001 E. Central Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43608

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