Marcus Pleasant

Presidential Address, by Marcus Pleasant

Don’t try to act like you haven’t heard and you don’t know because our understanding died when we saw their last breath blow.Now you want to sit down and have that conversation but it’s the same one we’ve been having since you kidnapped us to build your nation.I have to laugh when I think about how we built your dreams and when you say “land of the free”,I don’t know what that means.How can I believe in a land of opportunity when the only ones dying all seem to look like me?All we wanted was the same power you have-to take our lives back-yet you sit on your throne and call us thugs when we’re forced to strike back.
You accuse us of hating a country that hated us first and took your bath in all the water when you saw us dying of thirst.The world laughed when you imported us,sold us like cattle when you sported us and now you hate us because you ain’t us yet you try to look just like us;look like us,walk and talk like us,but you don’t have what it takes to have to ride this bus.We don’t hear what you say anymore but we’ll watch what you do and we’ve been poor before so we know what to do if it burns to the ground…how about you?

Marcus Pleasant #543-446
Richland Correctional
1001 Olivesburg Rd.
Mansfield Oh. 44905

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