WOMAN (The Customized Helper), by Samuel Jones Jr.

When God created man(Adam) and put him in the garden to keep it and have leadership over it,he was not complete.But God built or customized a helper for him.When something is built or customized ,it is done to individual specifications(for man).Adam needed a helper to compliment him and make him all God created him to be.When God customized or built the woman(Eve),she was and had everything Adam needed to operate in his God ordained position.In fact,the woman is the only living creature that was built or customized to fill the need of man.NOW,God did not customize woman for a boyfriend,booty call,sugar daddy or sexual immorality!She was built to fill the need of a husband that is in the position of leadership.In other words,God gave man a custom gift that was built with everything he needed to thrive and succeed in the position God placed him in.Gods first gift to man,a WIFE!! .In the garden the man,Adam did not operate in his leadership role,allowing the wife(the customized gift) to take the leadership role.So it was not the woman,the gift that failed,it was the man that failed to utilize the custom gift and operate in his ordained position of leadership.He allowed his wife to confront the enemy.She was not customized for the enemy,she was built for Adam(man).She was made to be a helper as well as to be submissive to him,to complete him and in return he was supposed to love and protect her! I thank God for the wife He has for me because I know that she is wonderfully built and beautifully customized just for me,Sam.

Samuel Jones Jr. #350216 -HB1
1630 Prison Rd
Cotton port,LA.71327

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