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Live from M.D.O.C, by Harvey Banner

Due to the covid19 virus Live from M.D.O.C was temporarily on shut down but we return still on lock down yet some things has changed

Peanut: Man er since dis co’vid er’body gone, looks lak it just me an you now Harv.
Harvey: yeah man an what’s crazy is we testing positive for it and I ain’t had no fever at all they came and checked our vitals and everything is good but they say we got it
Peanut: I see Tre outside wit dat hazmat suit on coming nis way, dey say dey gonna bring the food too us but its comin early.
Harvey: HEY!!!Tre!!!! What up?????
Tre: Man its all bad! poppa gee died yesterday and they say the cable guy died this mornin and its an ambulance out here taken some body to the hospital we done lost about 8 souls already and they say more to go. I bought lunch they ain’t feedin y’all nothing either Bologna sandwich and these quarter bag of chips this is crazy, they gonna starve us to death if the virus don’t kill us
Peanut & Harv: yeah I know that’s right!!!! we can’t even do nothing on lock down they let you talk to yo peoples, asked Peanut. Only phone calls but the phones don’t work half the time, responds Tre
Y’all know how we got this right from them c/o’s and they try ta blame us like we leave everyday. Says Harv. Oh but on another note that boy Wet Wet! Yeah? says Pnut and Harv. He can talk normal! WHAT! Get outta here! No WAY! Says Pnut & Harv! No his name is John White and once he was clean and that clone waas outta his system he started to talk normal. He walked up to me like (very profesional voice) excuse me but there is not enough bleach in the bleach bottles. So i look around i see wet wet but im still lookin’ round like who said that then he says I did.. I like muthaf*cka you can speak regular english all this time he like I always talked to you with regular english or it sounds like that to me in my mind but im so high it makes sense to me then so you sayin i dont talk like this. and I started laughin so hard i was cryin well i gotta go i will be back here tonite to bring yall s’more food but its some bullsh*t hot doggs says Tre and he leaves the unit. Pnut u see this they on some bull$#*+ yeah when they open the yard I’m gonna find wet wet and see what tip he on says Harv yeah imma see if I can get clone I wanna see if he talk normal.

narrator: For the next couple weeks as covid ravaged the facility there were over 20 deaths and hundreds infected all could have been avoided had the administration listened to the prisoners who begged to have the facility locked down… what follows is the aftermath you will see how even in the face of death the inmates were able to find humor in their environment.
Aye what’s up, says Harv y’all seen rip? Naw I think he in a negative unit says Tre. We get tested today what that sh!t like ask Pnut? Awe man they got this long as qtip and it seem like dem ho’s put they whole arm in ya nose! (loud speaker) CHARLY UNIT REPORT FOR TEST STAY IN BUNK ORDER!!
Here we go says Harv. as he walks to the nurse he ask What you fento do with that? Nurse I just have to swab your nose, hold your head back and breath okay! AYE!!! we done!!!! says, Harv. Not yet I need to go deeper says the nurse just breath okay yeah but damn you in my nose and you talking bout going deeper says Harv so let’s give it one more( the nurse pushes the qtip deeper ) Yup we done now says Harv No we not says the nurse I didn’t get all the way in. Wait you said swab my nose you tryn to touch my eyeballs. This needs to be in for 5sec says the nurse and we have to check it sinus cavity. Yeah but all that is in from of my brain you all on the putituary glands I’m.done I hope that is what you need says Harv well if not we’ll be back to do it again.

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