Respect For Our Women (call her name), by Samuel Jones

Women,Gods gift to men so that he could be complete and operate in his God ordained position.Why are men(young and old) disrespecting our females by calling them B-word and the H-word?Well,first of all,the older men should have respect for the women so that they could teach the young male generation how to respect the women God has blessed us with.I,mean,its like calling a female those degrading name are cool!In fact,when a man calls a female the B-word and the H-word,it shows his level of respect and maturity.Women don’t deserve that! They deserve to be loved,protected,spoiled and respected by all means!MEN,we failed!Like Adam in the garden of Eden,he failed to protect and love Eve,the wife God gave him.I say that because if he loved and protected her,she would not have been confronting the serpent(the enemy) in the garden.But our older men can change that by teaching our young men to love and respect our women and not calling the B-word or the H-word and leading by example.The female is beautiful,loving,smart and caring.She also takes care of the home!!Have you ever been in a home where the presence of a female did not exist?As soon as you walk into a home where there is no female that live there,the atmosphere of that home will alert you.Its like a funeral home,its dead!The female makes the home come alive with love as only she can do.So,why would a man want to disrespect the women God gave us by subjecting her to such degrading and verbal abuse?The B-word and the H-word don’t even come close to describing the beautiful female race God has blessed us with.To all the women,I am truly sorry for the way men has been disrespecting you by calling you these ugly and degrading names.I am a man and even though that’s something I don’t do,I feel led to apologize for the disrespectful behavior of the male race. To the men,the B-word(female dog) and the H-word(a garden tool) are not the names to call or describe the awesomeness and beauty of the women!Learn how to love,respect,spoil and protect her.Once again,ladies,I am truly sorry for the way this foolish generation of men have been disrespecting you.God Bless the women and may they Continue be a blessing to the male race!

Samuel Jones #350216 -HB1
1630 Prison Rd

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