Marvin Burrage


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now the bonds man was chasing me,I had to pay him,now I am fucked up,laying in bed I am thinking how the fuck am I broke,the next morning I go pick Lil sis up she broke to,but we go on the block to Willie bakers house,I tell her call Paul,half hour later Paul pull up I let them talk awhile then I walk up and get in the back seat,I tell Paul to put everything on the seat,he thought I was playing so I had to choke him out from the back seat,we took all the money and the dope and hit the block,we cut the rocks down and sold them,I told her to call AL. and when he came I give him three hundred for a thousand dollars in rock,he talking about I was two hundreds short I told him he must of miscounted, when we sold that I said call Paul and tell him you would meet him two blocks down the streets, so I cut threw some house’s and waited on him,when I got in the back seat he was like come Marv this ain’t mine I said drive to the block and get out,no I want you to cut all those rocks down and sell them I told Lil sis go get us something to eat,when he sold all his dope I took all the money,me and sis was on once again, we had area thousand a pieces, we was on the block a day until my pager went off,its Tammy telling me Mike in jail again and want me to pay his bail that’s my dude so I give his mom $800 and her and Tammy is supposed to go get him out,I see Mike girl Nicee and I tell him to take me home,riding down the street I see mike car parked and some dude ducking down on the passenger side,I tell niece to pull over I walk up to the car and just stand there when Tammy see me she rolled the window I tell her to roll the window down and finishe your conversation dude looked at me and I was like what’s up,then he walked away,I got in the back seat and she say dude was talking about buying the car,I said save that shit and told her moms to take me home,I wanted to take my money back and go get mike myself,but I just went in the house Tammy came in and went straight to the bathroom where she stayed for half hour she thought we was gonna fight but I wanted my last fuck and I was out of there..I dropped her off at her moms house the next day,mike gave me his wagon, Tammy kept calling my pager I told her she could have everything because I would have everything all over but better,every time I hung up she called back,later that night she want to come home,to have sex…about once a month she would pull this shit she want leave,I’ll get dressed take her where she want to go,one time she wanted me to take her to a hotel when we got there it was police every where and she knew once she got out that car I wasn’t coming back so now she wanted to go to her moms house,only thing I could think these are the times she wanted to smoke…I was on the block one night at Willie bakers house Quick can and said they need me to help them do this robbery and he said hobo was in the van waiting I thought it was a set up so I told Willie baker hold my dope and give me a gun this way I will have the drop on whatever it is,I get in the van we roll over to buckeye we look at the house and I told them ain’t no getting in there to many people out and that’s how it all started.. now my wife thought I sold dope from 12 am to 5 am,which I did some nights and some nights I would be out robbing,,she never knew what I did,when my brother Craig started coming around we did it together,when he ran off with my car I should of left him a lone,but we started getting money,I don’t know what he was doing with his money but my dude Burt told me he was smoking I should of listen but I didn’t,then my brother David was around,now we all would go over in garden valley these niggars just walking in people’s apartment, then at night they would walk threw and shoot the valley up,it was a bar on 79th kinsman we started going in there then we was like this is our bar,Willie b was the DJ,me and dude who was supposed to be running the bar always shot pool for money,we shot one night for hours we ran out of guarter’s I sent my wife to the store up the street to get some quarter’s my bro Craig went with her,and I found out later after I was in jail that that night Craig was trying to fuck my wife he told her to go up stairs with him and she was supposed to have told him she wasn’t ready to die,but this wasn’t the first time,like I said I would sell drugs at 12 am every time I left David or Craig would go down to my house and try to fuck her,but she didn’t tell me none of this when I was at home because if she did I wouldn’t of been fuckin with them and I wouldn’t of been in jail,and them niggars really didn’t like me because I was doing my thing and I was getting mine and I trusted them to a point,yeh we robbed shit together but I knew what it was but I just wish my wife would of spoke up,I meet this girl in the valley named Kathy,but when I got home Craig knocked on the door talking about Kathy wanted me to come over that wasn’t gonna happen because once I am in my house I don’t come back out for nobody,…..

DOC #256209

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