Matthew Puccio

Christian Duty & Religious Freedom, by Matthew Puccio

There’s a big misconception with these two very important aspects to a spiritual life in Christ. Its important to look at the latter first before we can see where it has nothing to do with our Christian duties.

Freedom of religion is a right given to us and it is not permanent. All of one’s rights can be taken away and stripped from us at any moment. Being given something isn’t ownership. Ownership means it is given up by choice. Rights are on loan.

Now for a very thorough breakdown on Christian duty.

In my personal opinion our first duty is to take delight in the being of God. Feel free to disagree there after all you do have the right.

Here is proof to why I feel these way. In Psalms 18:19 we are told that God delivers those who He takes delight in. So if God delights in us so much to deliver us through Jesus Christ His Son our Lord, then why not return the delight in who He is?

The next duty is tied in standing to be honest and that is the duty to love. Love is HUGE. If it wasn’t for the love that Jesus has for us the beautiful tragedy known as the crucifixion never would have taken place. Here is why us loving others is important. In First John 3:1 we are told that God loves us enough to call us children of God through the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus. There is a deep love in our inheritance and that is to be coheirs with Jesus Christ. How many of us deserve that love? I assure you that none of us deserve His love, but the good news is that He gives us that very love freely. All we have to do is accept it. Let’s look past that and look into verses 14 and 15. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, John informs us that we are supposed to love our brethren and whoever doesn’t is a murder.

Now to jump back and look at the book of Acts. I use this verse to dispute segregation all the time. In Chapter 17:26 we are instructed under Divine influence that God from ONE blood made all nations and men. Every time you hear of a black man being killed by a cop according to God he killed his brethren. When you hear of Mexican illegal immigrants taking jobs that no one else wants, that is my very extremely distant relative being shown love through work. The Natives that had the pale face steal their land was done by distant family. That is why love is so crucial. This is how we defeat the worlds hatred we step up and show the love of Jesus that this generation needs so badly.

Our third duty is to evangelize. We were given the great commission by Jesus Himself when we were told to go throughout all the world and preach the gospel to all nations. Back to First John. In Chapter 3 verse 18 we are informed that we are to love not just in word but through every daily action and in truth. Then is verse 19 we see that it is by us being part of that truth (being a reference to Jesus Christ Himself here) our hearts will be steadfast before God. Then we must look at verse 20. Here we see a scary sight. Our very hearts will also condemn us before God as well by not abiding in what we have been told to do.

Our final Christian duty is to invoke the Name of Jesus whenever we are in need or want to rejoice. That means in all things. What other name do the demons flee in? What other name is higher than Heaven itself? I assure you that there is NOT one name that is stronger than the precious name of Jesus. He tells us in John 14:13 that whatever we ask in His name He shall do. This means we must have a right heart though. Confess sins in prayer, and ask always in steady full faith and it shall be granted. Only in the Name of Jesus do we have victory, strength, power, salvation, redemption, and restoration.

Where our right to freedom of religion is very important as it allows us to serve such an Amazing God, it can still be stripped from us at any given moment.

Our Christian duty is a task that takes daily work and daily dedication. It isn’t a light switch that you can decide when it best fits you to put into action. These duties is what seperates us as children of the Most High God from the children of this world. Be assured that the children of this world are none other than the children of Satan himself.

I pray that as each of us reflect on what has been revealed through the Holy Spirit we will start to take action towards our Christian duties and take them more seriously so that the world might be saved. God bless all of you.

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