GOOD COP? BAD COP, by Marcus Pleasant

Death is inevitable, it comes to every man but why must you feel the need to deal it to us with your own hand?This indescriminate slaughter can’t go on like this or the eagle won’t be the only one on the endangered species list.The time is now to take your blue brothers to task,otherwise you’re just hiding behind a mask of false goodwill and fake charity;how long do you think it will take before you really see me?The real me,because I know it’s not by chance that you only want me on the stage if I’m going to sing and dance.You would see that our pride is no disrespect to you if you would just accept the fact that we bring something to the table too.
It was the innocent bystanders that kept insisting and gave us proof that he wasn’t resisting.Proof that fanned the flames that have been burning for generations-since we were snatched for free labor without hesitation.We were given only the illusion of our liberation while struggling to find our place in a hostile nation. Your dream is a piece of the American pie,while ours is just trying to stay alive.It’s one that doesn’t come true every day, so stop trying to change the subject because this is not going away.And if you never demand better of your brothers in blue then the blood they shed is on your hands too.
If you have 99 good cops and 1bad cop,if the good cops stay silent then you have 100 bad cops.

Marcus Pleasant
DOC #543-446

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