Why, Jeremiah Morris

the one thing that change my life for the better is education. I fell in love with education and while I am still doing time I educate my self and my people daily. when I first got locked up I didn’t know or spoke they way I do now. education changed that and now I teach education because a student can’t be a teacher and still thinking they are not still a student. we are students to education because it is the highest teacher and there is nothing better than it!.
I feel so good when I puts In hours everyday and feel like I put in hard work to show myself how to use passion in my ways and actions. education is one thing that anyone can’t ever take away from you.

my point is everyday I see so many people that don’t take a advantage of education, and I figure if you don’t plan you plan to fail so I guess people don’t want to plan for a better life then this place because my eyes got open very quick. it hurt me and sadden me to see so many people that have the opportunities and family to take care of or make them proud that you are bettering yourself. still I help them because I am one with education and its there’s, education belongs to all of us. and I am a teacher. but why they don’t use that word education and apply a action to that word. why why
sometime I wanna ask but I get an excuse so I continue to educate because I don’t like giving up on educating some one. I love to be educated so each one teach one and maybe that word (WHY) won’t be applied to this concept. people educate the little ones, our future generation because a real plan starts when you want some out of life and education will solidify your plan so how far is willing to go? how do you want to live, hand outs never last that’s life so don’t be in dept when you can be educated.
cherish education, every book or Apple or sign in the world is educating you, you just don’t realize it.

thanks to Suzie Bosko we have a way to educate you all. applaud her. Because she thought of a way to educate the people from the inside to the outside world.

Jeremiah morris
DOC #1625857

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