S.T.D. {Self-Thought Deception}, by Sean Brown

Trapped in a body plagued by limitations,
Unawareness & Fear cause self-imposed incarcerations.
My Potential, I see,
Yet hesitate to reach.
It’s a matter of Motivation,
And Drive to Be.
The obstacles aren’t too hard & My Mental hasn’t been too scarred,
I mean, I do know the Truth of Who’s GOD.
But still… Will is what brings about all action,
And My Will is to bring about Advancement.
Constant Awareness of Self.
Why do I remain in disguise?
Refusing to reveal the Truth of “Who am I?”
Limitations curse Me,
I curse My Self with limitations.
I can easily turn the worst into the best,
Finding Life’s Blessings in each & every Breath.
I fall 2 steps back for every forward step.
So what’s fate?
What’s Destiny?
Everything is choices,
Cause, effect, & result all controlled by Me.
So this isn’t actually an epidemic,
Since I possess the Remedy to steer where My Life is headed.
Five Point navigation system guiding My direction,
The Mirror shows the Answer to all of My questions.

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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