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The Ave by: Supreme Mujahid
ridin n the truck lookin 4 a place 2 dump evidence and having a conversation with dullah about kim knowing my every move even knowing about the trip 2 Minnesota 10yrs earlier, we pull n2 the back of a building don’t know what the building is and threw away evidence from a murder that took place earlier and I had see a piece of $100bill half in the mud the rest flapping in the wind on the ground next to trash can I look around and see money everywhere dulla sees me and gets out of the truck looks at what I’m doing and picks up money too then I see small envelopes and pick one up squeezed it and it feels like small rocks are inside there are several more envelopes around and a big one in the mud near the fence and the building I grab the big envelope and there are lots of small envelopes in it as I notice a small white van pulling into the alley where we are I yell to dullah lets go we jump into the truck I am driving so i pull past the van rush to kims apt.
sitting in the living room of the apt at the table we open up the envelopes and pour the contents on the table kim says boi you got the big one this time Marcus agrees where did you get this?? inside the envelopes were white diamonds, rubies, emeralds, saphires,and blue diamonds five dif precious stones as we are pouring open envelopes on to the table there is a knock at the door (thump thump thump) startled I ask kim you expecting someone she says yeah I called Daryl when I heard about your situation I look at dullah “see” so for a few minutes no one answers the door preoccupied, until I walk towards the door but while looking at the door I notice the peep hole is dark so without saying a word I motion for kim to ask who it is as I place my ear to the door she ask “who is it” boom! boom! boom! shots rang out I slide to the corner of the door and the wall I’m stuck, using my foot I lock the door club to buy us some time kim pulls a357 and returned fire she motion for me to get down on the floor and get away from the door marcus has swept everything from the table into the sheet we were using as a table cloth picks up the tech9 hands me the sack and says you and dullah get out of here we got this, the shooting continues as I run to a window in the back room I notice were on the fifth floor I’m panicking dullah run into the same room as me and says dog we gotta jump as I open the window there is a loud crash from the other room I go out the window see a pole that goes to the camera that is bolted to the wall so I grab that and the gutter to slow my decent I hit the ground dullah crashes out the window shots ringing out behind him running to the truck dog you good I ask dullah cause he is limping while trying to run just hurry up.and get to the truck we jump in and pull off you know I gotta go back to make sure she alright I say to dullah, she told you to get out! responds dullah damn!! “foget that im going back gimme the stick” you sure ask dullah? under the seat in the back of the truck there is a stash spotwhere with an ak47 and a 100 round drum I know we only should use this for emergencies but damit if this aint no emergency I dont know what is. running back 2 the apartment and up the stairs I finally makes it 2 Kim’s apt the smell of gun smoke still in the air but its quiet, slowly I creeps through the house and hears a low mumble commig from the back room see kim and Marcus talking over a body laying on the floor. Boy didnt I tell u 2 get ghost? why are u back here? ask kim I had 2 make sure u were good! Me and ur dad got this. Just cause we got the same name dont make him my dad, stop sayin that! Okay boy but u better get out of here b4 1time show up. What about him pointing 2 the body on the floor? He through get out of here and take care of business. Alright Im gone. But who is he??

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what 2day would bring but I knew I needed 2 make some money damn i hated being broke so i was going 2 do something i never did i was going 2 get some money from KEKE, KEKE is my homies aunt she cool but i need toget on my feet so she my last resort just as im on my way out the door the phone rings. “What up doe? its Dee Cuzzo i got a lick u ready?? Yeah give me five minuts ,i say. Alright bet i will be around there 2 get u in a few, responds Dee. So i run around the corner 2 KEKEs house. S’up i need 2 holla at u for a second n private i say 2 her and we go up stairs 2 her room. I need 2 borrow some money about 50 and i dont know when i can get it back to u but i will pay u back i just need afew days. KEKE stares at me 4 a few moments then reaches n2 her bra and pulls out some money dont tell Corn i gave u this and get it back when u can no need 2 rush either do what u need 2 do says KEKE. I take the money give her a hug say thank u and i’m out the house. Just as i get back 2 my house Dee is pulling up. You wanna make a few bucks and go 2 the casino with me ask Dee. So i jump n the car. We get 2 the casino I go straight 2 the blackjack table Dee went 2 the roulette table things were looking bleek i had just lost my 1st hand and I was playing 25$ hands as things quickly changed I had several win n a row blackjacks,fivecard,three sevens it was like the gamble gods were smiling on me and i was loving it i was socaught up n what i was doing i didnt notice the crowd gathering around me until i felt a tap on my shoulder it was Dee Damn dog what u got goin here?? Not much its back and 4th but im doin alright what u doin? I ask. losin! he says okay here see if u can turn it around. Put me up on game and we can do this here says Dee okay sit down and lets go the gam continued 2 go back and 4th during this time i would place random chips in my pocket until a losing streak
The Supreme Mujahid

The Ave continued: Supreme Mujahid
came and i did the ultimate no-no i bet bigger the more I lost. I looked down at the chips I once had infront of me now in front of the dealer and it hurt but, I had to accept the losses and move on. I picked up the chips infront of me and went to the cash window, it felt good i, turned 50$ into 800$.then, the lady a the counter asked if that was all the chips i had to turn in. oh shit i have some in my pocket i pulled out all the chips and now my total was 4500 all from 50$ this was a great day! Dee aproached and says hey they gave you these two tickets to go eat at the buffet lets go eat! While eating i asked What was the lick you were talkin bout? this was it the homie told me about the roulette table and told me how he was winin so i came and tried and lost everytime but you killed em, says Dee. Well i’m tryin to get on. i need to get some yae and tree so i can flip this. Fugettaboutit!!! Yeah you stupid.

I had messed up cooking b4 but I wasn’t going to this time I had a plan 2lbs of weed and an ounce of cain and stash the rest of the money as saving I even had a worker sit in the house to sell the weed and I’m off the hip with the rocks everything was moving along as planned until Stiney wanted to do some stupid shit and sell rocks out the house where we sell the weed dumb ass rookie mistake just like that we get raided now I’m fucked cause this is where I live and we know so many people we’d never have to worry about the popo cause everyone we sell weed to smoke like us and we know them but you never know when a undercover comes acting like a dope fiend.
I’ve sold out and go home getting ready to stash some more cash and re-up just as the punkass police pull up and jump out. In my city the police is the worst they rob and steal like every other crook and that’s what they were doing today they get us all at the house and tear that place up they find the weed and my money. So do you want to go to jail or you want to go home??? Damn not this again man I’m at home says Marcus Okay smart ass says the police you gonna take the charge for all this too then? Look its my house and you got what you want anyway what’s the charge gonna do but make you lie about what was found so do what you gonna do. So do you wanna go to jail or stay home? asked the officer Stay home! Marcus says. okay face the wall and don’t move until we are all out of here says the officer.
The Supreme Mujahid

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