Major McCormick

The Hearts of Men, by Major McCormick

I want my readers to take something into deep consideration. Let me penetrate the blindfold. Many of you who visit this site are either curious, or genuinely involved for one good reason or another. Have you ever thought about how human the person is behind the words you read? That they also live a twenty four hour day? They feel pain, hurt, cry, love, and do all of the same things you do? Most are locked behind bars for social crimes, domestic violence, theft, or some type of drug charge. They pay for the same crimes the judges, police, politicians, and others do the only difference is the ones incarcerated were caught the one not were either caught and released because of who they know, or had the right amount of money to beat the case, or just haven’t been caught yet. Do you know most D.V.S start with the woman striking the man and the lying about what happened? Most homicides deal with self defense or the law of get my enemy before they get me? In some communities. Judges as well as preachers abuse people and because of their positions they are given slaps on the wrist. 90% of today’s prison population is locked up because of some type of drug influence meaning did it for drugs, or was under the influence of drugs. I was once a person who never saw the insides of a prison, or could I completely understand that in reality the real criminals are the ones who lock us up.Though I hadn’t been I never once forgot that my cousin, uncle, brother, or friend was in jail. let that be the reason

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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