Sean Brown

What It Is, by Sean Brown

A daily predicament, needing to understand what the best path to achieve Redemption is;
Forget best, I really just need to know which one’s effective since,
I’ve been trying for so long to no avail;
And all I ever seem to feel is six sextillion tons crashing down, roaring “You’re destined to fail.”
“You’re not a hero, You’re no role model, You’re no leader qualified for anybody to follow.”
“You’re full of crap, such a hypocrite, good for nothing piece of garbage borrowed.”
“You are NOT…”
“No You’re wrong, I AM not…
Whatever label You intend to whisper into My existence.
Infinity is My Identity to take Me beyond surface appearance.
It used to be priceless & precious but now Souls are on sale 60% off;
No Groupons needed nowadays because Their values are lost.
Can’t deny that for a time I didn’t realize the sum total of mine,
Which is why it’s been so hard to find a way to navigate through this field of mines.
Unattainable standards set by self for self to fall short & then despair;
Weaknesses keep vying to define My Destiny & govern all My affairs.
Some days they do.
That’s just the reality of the situation from an honest point of view.
It’s nothing new.
These days are going to pop up, but it’s about not allowing 1 to turn into 2.
Not allowing a Moment to become a Lifetime if it’s not one that I choose;
Decisions are pivotal points directing every next move.

DOC #1083630

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