racism & equality


-connections. Look this system is not broken it is working how the racist wants it to , they ignore the own laws/statutes and put a negro in place time to time to say look its one of you blacks in position,and send it a european woman to make sure he doing as they want, look at forced retire wyandotte county, kansas judge Dexter Burdette, and Terra Morehead when she was wyandotte county assistance district attorney. These are the type of things that been going on and they entire circle of so called friends knew that they worked cases together and never said anything, as neither judge or a.d.a. excused themselves on any case, more so she pushed major unconstitutional action and this negro judge went along like the good negro (dirty Moor) he is. This is hw the very recent firings of the duputy warden and several high level staff here at EDCF was able to keep their Pentions the tax payers pay for the Crimes the Committed under Oath, but no one Checks the Facts of these racist KDOC employees and the good negros under they command.
This is how kansas Supreme Court Justices can make laws, going far outside they powers and absence clear Jurisdiction of the perceived powers delagated to them and continue to keep they jobs and only outed when calls are being made , asking why the unconstitutional hard 50 sentences have not been mandatorily Modified as the Mandatory law States!!??!!
This current Racist System must be torn down and anew one that supports the Law and the Peoples Rights Build Up. Power To The People,
With Love And Peace

Brother Ronali Johnson-El
P.O.Box 311 / EDCF
El Dorado, Kansas
Al Morocco/u.s.a.

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