Marvin Burrage


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I would go to dice games and Tammy would be with me and niggers get to talking so I let them know when I win there money Tammy would be getting a new outfit and show buff I do my thing and be like baby you ready to go they always want a shot at winning their money back but I wasn’t on that shit I played for keeps,so we went shopping. we also stopped at the furniture store I brought a gold stand that hold about 5 or 6 glass shelves when I set it up I told her I had the bottom shelf to put my pictures on she started talking shit saying I ain’t putting nothing on the shelves ain’t that a bitch so I broke the glass,all night it bother me so the next morning I get up go buy the glass,then I go to the mall and and buy a big round can and tell them to fill it up with all kinds of chocolate can’t,I then brought a nice card and put a engagement ring in with the chocolate, went home put the glass on the shelves and the candy n the bed,then went a got food for the kids and after I was done it was about 5 o’clock I went around to the block and got her,when she got home she went to the room the card and candy was in the middle of the bed and I went and ran her some bath water,yeh I washed her up and even gave her a douce,then I made love to her,kissing and licking her from head to toe and fucking her till she couldn’t take it no more, the next day we on the block and everybody is dressed up me and Tammy is dressed a like,I am selling dope and everybody is buying twenty with $20 dollar bills,I make the statement that if the vice show up I am locking everybody out show buff 10 minutes later vice pull up I slam the door we all in the house Timmy went to jump off the porch but there was to many police out there we hide all the dope by the time the police broke the door down I was playing sleep by a big speaker they woke me up and I was like what’s going on,they say sit down I still act like I don’t know what’s going on,so I sit down they looking for the dope my brother Mike got a bulls hat on so I tell everybody my name is Tom Bull,the police check my pockets and pull out the money and all the bills are marked thast why everybody was giving me twenty dollar bills,I told the police my name was Tom Bull,then they cuff me up,my brother Tony telling the police his daddy is Leonard Tattum and he is a police officer they tell Tony that his dad ain’t on the force no more because he was the biggest crock there was,my brother Timmy was talking shit to them talking about he gonna have there wife and kids selling dope they was ruffing his ass up so when they put us in the car we sit there for awhile now we get to the court district polices station they put us in the cell and Timmy still talking shit now they trying to pull his ear rings out his ear then Tony get to talking shit,I don’t say shit,when we get booked they take me in a room and ask me am I line to the Burrage brothers I say no I am from Minnesota, they ask me to set Timmy up and gave me am phone number and told me to call them I said OK but they didn’t let me go,then we was all transferred downtown to the county,Timmy called the bonds man and told him all our names and hour later everybody was released but me,I called Tammy told her to call the bonds man and get me out,come to find out Timmy told the bonds man my real name and he didn’t want to get me out so they left me in jail,but I got out a few hours later,it was raining like crazy so we riding in a car a somebody done broke the sun roof glass,but we stop by Kenny’s to see when my car would be ready,I told him I would be down in the morning with his money and my car better be done,I told Tammy you see how these niggers is,everybody was against me and I didn’t know why,but I would find out the hard way…I was the. only nigger on the block with long hair so the vice and everybody else knew who I was,so I started selling dope at 12 am at night till 6 in the morning,then Tammy got a job out at the mall some where, my car was impounded so this fin I knew rented me his van for some dope,so I went and picked Tammy up from work,we took the van to the car wash and we had plans on going out on the way to the club the police pilled me over and the van was stolin,I told the police who’s van it was he even took us on the block to look for dude when he wasn’t there he took us to jail,when we get to the fourth district,the vice is there and now they know my real name and tell me I am never getting out of jail for lieing to them so there I set in jail with my wife and I got a pocket full of weed,I tell Tammy what she should do if I don’t get out of jail,I tell her don’t have no kids,don’t fuck anybody who now’s me and bring the kids to see me that’s all I asked for,after two days done pass we are still in jail want nobody pay our bail,on the third day I talk the police into letting us get in a cell together to talk we fucked instead, on the fourt day I called Tammy and told him we was in jail he said he would pay my bond but not Tammy so I said cool and told her what he said and I told her I would be back in an hour,Timmy took me home and I paid him his money for coming to get me,then I went on the block and told everybody that owed me money I needed it,one asshole took off running so I had to chase him down and I beat him bad,in half an hour I had the money for her bail,when she got home we took a long bath together and the water was black,we got in the bed and made love,I even stuck one of those long fat candy-cane in her pussy while I was eating it the only thing we did right was make love…..

DOC #256209

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