Uncommon Allah

ELEVATION, by Uncommon Reality Allah

“Elevation Never Stagnation”,is what they say,which I can attest to myself I might add. In our approach we just have to be humble, patient and consistent with ourselves and all that there is,because no one said that it was going to be a walk in the park. In order to embark on such,we have to seek the knowledge, and along with do the knowledge, then wisdom the way which in return borns (brings) an understanding. Trusting the process should allow one to see things for what they really and truly are,not for what they appear to be. Once underway,you’ll see the man/woman in the “mirror”,waiting on “you” to make a change. It’s all presented there for you,with much more to come,now all that’s left is for you to take control of your destiny and be the sole controller of your universe. B.U.T.(Born.Universal.Truth.),the theme of it all is,”Out with the old and in with the new”. It’s “Supreme Mathematics” that works through and for you,going against the grain only brings a misunderstanding. We got to be sick and tired of that,I know:(. Then why not try something other than what’s not been workiing for us.? I was told once that,”there’s nothing not known to man,that’s not already in man. Again,we have to dig deep and use our strength that lays beneath and bring to surface. All of which can be used and directed towards every aspect of our being. So I support you in exercising the capability, and ability, of implementing a course of action into your daily routine(life). We have to elevate in our growth and development in order to evolve,which is thee ultimate. Some examples–,bad habits and addictions,negative people,idle time,grudges,hate,envy,jealousy,greed,lust,etc,just to name a few,but the list goes on and on and on… Food for thought,I now exit the same way I entered,in PEACE.


Uncommon Reality Allah
DOC #1043719

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