Travis Smith


Fear of phones
What the hell is wrong with us? You know what I’m talking about. The phone rings and it is either a blocked number or an unknown number. And what do we do?Not answer it. We stare at it and shake our heads in defiance. Oh no , I’m not answering that. You put the phone down and try to shake it off. Well , I made through another unknown or blocked number. Its a good thing , I’m safe. Nothing happened , I’m not hurt , I’m alive.whooooah.
What the hell are we afraid of? Its a voice – from some distant location. What’s gonna happen , a verbal scolding or confrontation? Hey, you owe us money – you better pay or else…Or else what? Whatya gonna do? Send big Tony after me and break my legs? Your some low life badly dressed debt collector. You think its the government summoning you to war or for a tax audit? I think what most people are afraid of is it just simply someone we know and aren’t in the mood to talk to. How sad is that. blocked number – we throw the phone down and curse under our breath. Unknown number , nervously pacing hack and forth… Who in the world would be calling me from an unknown number…Pick the damn thing up and find out.
I admit this use to be me before I came to prison. But if I was out there now I think I’d be pretty fearless about it. I’d answer any unknown number like a tough guy. Who is it ‘ whatya want! I’m not afraid of you. Oh , yeah , yeah , uh uh, okay… Yeah , I think I would like some girl scout cookies. Thank you sweetie…You have a nice day too.
What happened to the fighting spirit of the folks who crossed a huge scary violent ocean on rickety wooden ships that could easily be torn to pieces at any moment? They got here and nearly killed the natives off. Then fought off those who stayed behind and decided to come check out the ” new place ” Yeah , don’t fuck with us! And now posterity cringes every time a phone rings. Oh god , its an unknown number. I better not answer , they might say mean things or something that makes me uncomfortable…
psycho execs
Have you seen where the E-Bay executives have been charged with cyber stalking? Some couple posted a negative review of them , so right there tells you there is some sort of bullshit the company is responsible for. And now you have psychotic adults acting like troubled teenagers and sending these poor folks creepy crap in the mail like cockroaches and fly larvae and the most weird creepiest fucking thing , the pig mask with some unknown thing smeared on it.
I have been thinking it is going to be difficult finding gainful employment out there if they let me out early… But if it is people like that , maybe I have a shot. For one , one of the idiots spelled destroying like dosroiding. So l yeah , maybe I have a chance after all. Don’t these people have college degrees? I know smart people can be crazy , and crazy people can be smart, but how did they make it all the way up to executives without sending up red flags?

The unassassinatable Kennedy
Wouldn’t you feel a little bit ambivalent deep down if your Ted Kennedy? On the one hand your alive and know one is really trying to kill you. But if your Ted Kennedy , that can be a matter of measurement. Its kinda a measurement of your accomplishments and ambitions , if your one of the brothers of sons of Joe Kennedy. In this case perspective could be a little warped and twisted. People may mutter things to each other -What is Ted doing, what has he accomplished, what goals are he pursuing…? Well , years have gone by and know one has rubbed him out- or even tried. John motivated the moon landing , and well , he aroused enough ire with his policies , certain people were enraged enough to orchestrate one of the most elaborate assassinations in the world. And when Bobby decided to take it further and fuck with them even more ( talking about you Trafficante and Gianncana) , he was taken out. And Ted just said ” alright , I’m gonna do something else.” and died decades later. It is all a matter of perspective.

good food or bad food
We now live in a time where companies who make edible products put labels on that declare there is low sugar – low sodium – low fat… To me that is bragging , our product sucks- it has no taste -no pizazz… nothing has trans fats at all. If I get out of prison ever , I’m going hunting. I’m hunting for fatty , high sodium , high fat , trans fat infested meats and cheeses and whatever else these childhood delights can be found in. Fuck it . This place has been preserving me like a can of cheese. Why? right now I’m looking at being in my 70s if I can’t get out early. They should be feeding me this crap now and trying to shorten my lifespan. But instead Ohio is so pressed about punishing a soul , their philosophy is we’ll spend millions of dollars to house these motherfuckers and feed them low salt , low fat diets just to keep them alive as long as possible , sons of bitches.

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

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