racism & equality

Just Saying, by Savon Davis

When a sports team does bad, coaches get fired. Aren’t human lives more important?

I’m just saying, ever since the abolishment of slavery whites and blacks have lived side by side in America, even if uncomfortably. But together we have made many accomplishments and I think the most beautiful thing is the example that kills all racist ideology when we see beautiful mixed race families living in peace.

Its 2020 & our U.S. constitution that denies equality for women & people of color is STILL not abolished or even being being boycotted. But our governments leaders are asking for peace as their cops keep killing unarmed people. There should be some sort of effort from politicians to change this right? There ARE minority politicians, they could lead the fight for this change. Just saying.

Since these cops keep killing people without consequences & government officials ask for peace alleging there’s just a few bad apples in an attempt to keep the trust of the people, since this KEEPS happening, shouldn’t there be a higher standard to earn back trust of the people? Or even just to return to work after this is over? Just saying, these cops SWEAR OATHS to serve & protect. Since murder is a new normal, the people should demand that an order be put in place that all police chiefs, mayors & prosecutors nationwide sign an agreement that if anyone is killed in police custody, the chief & mayor along with the killer are fired immediately. And if any prosecutor fails to file charges consistent with circumstances, they to shall be fired. Again I’m just saying, In sports, when a team does bad, coaches get fired. Aren’t human lives more important?

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Savon Davis #577-547
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Toledo, Ohio

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  1. “We may test the hypothesis that the State is largely interested in protecting itself rather than its subjects by asking: which category of crimes does the State pursue and punish most intensely—those against private citizens or those against itself?

    The gravest crimes in the State’s lexicon are almost invariably not invasions of private person or property, but dangers to its own contentment, for example, treason, desertion of a soldier to the enemy, failure to register for the draft, subversion and subversive conspiracy, assassination of rulers and such economic crimes against the State as counterfeiting its money or evasion of its income tax.

    Or compare the degree of zeal devoted to pursuing the man who assaults a policeman, with the attention that the State pays to the assault of an ordinary citizen. Yet, curiously, the State’s openly assigned priority to its own defense against the public strikes few people as inconsistent with its presumed raison d’etre.”

    ― Murray N. Rothbard


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