John Salyers Jr.

A He-She’s Personal Reflections of Christianity, by John (Joni) Salyers

As an American citizen, born and raised in a Christian faith household in the 60″s and 70″s I was often conflicted in my desire to embrace Christianity for its professed universal “brotherly love”, but yet being repulsed by the fact that I was going to “burn in hell”, because I was born a boy who wishes to be a girl.

Anyway, setting that fact aside, there are aspects of Christianity that I choose to embrace, which richly enhances my spiritual quest of “eclecticism”.

I feel one of Christianity’s greatest strengths lies with the assertion that, Jesus, born of the flesh as a poor, lowly, humble carpenter, lived, suffered and died amongst humanity in order to save humanity.

Through his immense suffering, and ultimate violent death at the hands of mankind, our “salvation” was purchased – but for only those who profess to truly “believe”.

“Jesus” seemed to favor the outcast, criminal, diseased, poor looser over the rich and powerful.

Other religious doctrines could benefit from the part of Christianity that teaches that same “favoritism”, along with the very profound espousal of unconditional love and forgiveness of all others being one of Christianity’s main teachings.

John (Joni) Salyers
DOC #185067

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