Da'Von Motley Sr.

#ICantBreathe, by Da’Von Motley Sr.

This movement, this cause, this fight, this moment in history is bigger than we think. Its 2020 and we are still fighting for the rights of people who live in America. This is suppose to be “the land of the free”, but that is far from the case. If my great great grandparents and their great great grandparents were fighting for the same thing we are fighting for.. then its clear that the “system” and the way of life in America is designed for specific people. My children will be living this moment for the rest of their lives because this moment in history is a moment they will never forget or never be able to live down. The fight has moved from one generation to the next. From behind bars its hard for us to fight for liberty and freedom when we ourselves have none. So of us are coming home and others are not unfortunately. Yes we obviously need the police and we need safe communities to raise healthy familes. What we dont need is racism and prejudice cops breaking all the rules. America has reached its boiling point and the the “melting pot” is coming together as an united body demanding change. I stand with my brothers and sisters, black, white, brown, yellow, and whatever color they wish to be. We are all human, we are all humanity has, and we are all created by one creator. So, why is it so hard to treat everyone equal?? In closing, practice social distancing, watch your health and the health of others and want for your brother and sister what you would want for yourself. People be safe, stay beautiful.

PS.. shouts out to Suzie and the book!!!!

“INMATE BLOGGER: Proving Every Day That You Can’t Lock Up A Soul”

Da’Von Joshua Motley Sr.
(Abdul-Haleem Raqeeb)
DOC #A707119
Allen Correctional Instituation
2338 N. West. St.
Lima, Ohio 45801

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