Piankhi Grimes

Then What Happened!? by Piankhi Grimes

Hello World! How U Be these days? I know its Hell in society and people are spreading panic and fear. Dissatisfaction and suffering is rampant in the streets.Society is on the verge of collapse due to hate violence and death.On to of that,this Pandimic got Us on the verge of an economic collapse.What you are witnessing is the beginning of the ending of America as a way of life or standard of living.Fear not! this is the Day all the Wise men spoke of.B.u.t. there is salvation.Stand with the Righteous or fall with the wicked is our only options.Unfortunately most of our Brothers and Sisters will choose the latter. Will you chose Right? The World has shown Us the face of evil,b.u.t. what does righteousness look like? what does it sound like? and what does it feel like? How many people has really saw the True face of righteousness? The irony is that the World has saw his face they just don’t know how righteousness look, how it feel nor how it sound.The Righteous are not the ones blaming the protesters for the aftermath of the diabolical killing of our Brother George Floyd by Hate fuelled Cops.All the rioting,protest and violent unrest are the effects of that,not the cause.Don’t let them get it confused and don’t allow the media to take your attention away from the Cause or feel you are wrong.Like the Mayor of Atlanta,a Black woman got on the News trying to shame the people and make them think they are wrong for everything that has come as a result of racist cops killing another Blackman unjustly.She even went so far a to evoke Martin Luther King Jr. name saying,”this is not the spirit of Martin.” And she right! its not.Its the spirit of Huey P. Newton,its the spirit of Malcolm X,Tupac Amaru.Its the spirit of Nat Turner and Gabriel Proser,Demark Vesey,Che Guevara.All these great men were organizers of revolution.They understood the magnitude of what We were up against then and what We are up against now.This is the appropriate Spirit needed for the Time We are Now living in,not Martin Luther King Jr.All four of them officers should be in a cell right now charged with First Degree Murder and Complicity to First Degree Murder.How many of our Brothers and Sister are sitting in a cell right now under similar circumstances.If not then the people need to demand the release of our Brothers and Sisters locked up unjustly around this country.
Black Panthers shouted “Power to the People” because the people is the power and they are afraid of what can potentially happen if strong leadership comes along and Organize the People.That’s the only reason now there is a call for Peace.Tell me something.Why every time the people stand up and began to fight back.Why all these so-called leaders start scream Martin’s name?Or rebuke the protesters from the seat of their couches? I’m not saying fight fire with fire.I’m saying don’t try to kill the Spirit of the People with your weak,passive rhetoric Especially when you don’t have a viable solution yourself. Its futile continuing to look for Justice in an unjust system that’s been working against Us for centuries. If its already no Justice how can there be Peace?I just had to say my piece about it.May y’all enjoy this and if there’s any criticism please address the writer.

Sir Piankhi Grimes #A614-067
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon Oh.45036

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