Anthony Fields


Advocates note that the Constitution’s 13th Amendment,ratified in 1865,abolished slavery in the United States, but provided an exception-in cases of person’s who “duly convicted” in the United States and territory it controls,slavery or involuntary servitude can be reimposed as a punishment. One in Nine Black Men between the ages of 18-34 are incarcerated compared to one in 30 other men of the same age.”Everyone is feeding off of our down-trodden condition to feed their capitalism, greed and lust for money. Prison Industrial Complexes play’s out in a pattern of behavior that supports institutional racism.It’s a supply chain whereas the population on crime trends are constantly increasing to add to prison populations mainly by poor policies. A product myself who is currently working in Virginia Correction Enterprise see the injustices that Black and Brown people suffer at large being exploited for there labor. Unity for all those who advocates for the injustices to see clearly with one’s third eye TRUE FREEDOM exist taking the chains off mentally as well as physically. Mass incarceration is a product of racism at the core as the world has witness the modern day lynching of George Floyd show’s this Criminal Justice System wasn’t built on True Freedom, Justice & Equality for Black and Brown people ,I Fast & Pray that Freedom Fighter’s all over the Globe bare witness to the smallest but powerful evidences Truth !!!! NATURAL BORN

Nottoway Correctional Center
I am 43
release date 2032
(Poor Righteous Teacher ) “PRT”

Anthony Fields
DOC #1159387

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