Matthew Puccio

Selfless Sacrifice And God’s Unyielding Love, by Matthew Puccio

There are several stories in the Bible about people who had to make a sacrifice, or was about to risk it all for others. Two prime examples are Abraham and Esther. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son (yachid in Hebrew), while Esther was willing to sacrifice herself by putting her life on the line to save her people.

God requires all of us to make a sacrifice when it comes to following Him. Not all of the sacrifices may seem significant at the time though. They are meant to bring us closer to God by dying to ourselves in some form.

God made the ultimate sacrifice in Jesus Christ our Lord for all of us. Our lives are meant to be a living sacrifice pleasing to God. This requires us to be selfless.

When we make a sacrifice it should increase our love by helping us feel more of God’s love. That is why we need to make sacrifices daily. It brings us closer to God, and each sacrifice should also bring us joy by doing the Will of God.

This doesn’t mean that we are not allowed to say no if something is beyond our means at the time. We just are not supposed to say no to God. Saying no if we are unable to do something is not disobeying God in anyway.

The forms of sacrifice that we can do is not limited. God will reveal how He wants us to make a sacrifice, but we must be willing to listen for His voice. These sacrifices can be our time, a resource, a listening ear, a form of affection when needed, or even something we hold dear to us.

God will test us in several ways, and sacrifices are just apart of these tests. The tests we go through from God are to see how far we are willing to go for Him and what all we are willing to do for Him. Take some time to reflect on a story in the Bible about great sacrifice and you will see it more clearly.

There is a pit that we throw ourselves into dealing with our sinful broken nature. Isn’t it time that we as Christians finally take the full steps out of the pit and into the Palace? Whatever you are going through in life right now and in the future even, Jesus will meet you there to guide you home to Him. He knows where we are going in life and best believe that He is always waiting for us. We will need Him after all. Every time you feel rain from the storms of life, call out to Him. Have faith since He can find you in the hurricane.

God will take from us various things or even various people in life. When He does will you respond as Job did by blessing His name or will you curse Him? God understands very well what you are going through which is why He waits for us. Sometimes He will have to act and humble us when we need it. That is done to remind us that we are nothing without Him.

By whose breath gives you life? By whose Spirit dwells inside of you? He cares enough to give us life so He can have the family He wants and has desires for. The valleys may be dry while the river waters might be deep, but Jesus will meet us there in those very moments. That is all due to the selfless sacrifice He made out of true love.

When we make a sacrifice, that very same love shines from us.

Don’t call it quits early. The battle against Hell was won at the cross, but the spiritual warfare wages on until the Father says well done.

What amazing grace we are given that Jesus took our place. That cross was meant for us and is our fault. Our sins placed Jesus there as His Blood poured out for us. Jesus chose to be the Sacrifice so we wouldn’t be lost. We are called to make various sacrifices ourselves following His example.

No matter what the future holds Jesus will be there waiting for us. Watch Him run to us with open arms just like the father did to his prodigal son. Despite all of our guilt and pain that we experience in life that buries itself into the depths of our hearts, Jesus will meet you there to help remove those very things.

Talk about such perfect love. Jesus is the perfect example of flawless love. Look at the trials in your past. Can you see Jesus there waiting for you to call to Him? He is calling out even now to you. All of those hurtful moments in your life, the guilt, all of the pain that lingers wants to be washed away. Jesus is willing to wash them away by going into the very depths where they are dwelling. Only His healing touch can mend those wounds.

What sacrifices can you make to help you become closer to Jesus this very day?

The biggest sacrifice someone can make is to die to self daily so He may live instead. God wants to deliver all of us from what grieves us. He is our Father after all. Only through Him are the orphaned made sons and daughters, the hungry made full, the homeless are sheltered, the sick are cured, the abandoned are comforted, and the dead are made alive.

We were all dead spiritually at some point in our lives. That is why we need to start to worship while we wait for His return. This also will allow us to meet with Jesus on our journey. It’s time we sacrifice self for Him to truly live in us and through us.

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