Harvey Banner

Social Equality (pt 1), by Harvey Banner

It is no longer a situation where any group or groups have to stand and accept social unjust anyone who wants to stand for Brionna Taylor, or George Floyd
then please don’t destroy anything the way to force change is in the pocket, pockets of the oppressor take your dollars and ONLY spend them with the companies that support you, your cause and your people to force change in a capitalists society, is with CAPITAL those people who stand beside you in protest spend only with them we also need to demand that the people who police our community LIVE in our community not in the suburb or downtown but in the neighborhood they patrol every officer in the precincts MUST live in the area and not all on the same street but scattered throughout that precincts patrol area.
America this is just a small glimpse into the totality of the oppressive nature of ALL law enforcement from the streets all the way into the correctional institutions. We have the ability to know who we put into position of authority will behave in an appropriate manner and when they don’t they are to be removed from office. Let’s research the places where we spend our money and when they support anyone or anything that is in opposition to the progression of all people DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!
Our president has multiple businesses find them and make sure you don’t spend one penny with those businesses. As I write this I am witnessing a person from the media being arrested live on TV for reporting the news in Mn how is this democracy? At what point do we wake up and realize that slavery has never ended it encapsulated everyone except the oligarchs/1%ers we have become debtors who are forever in debt and continue to acquire more debt all while trying to “make a living” white people black people wake up were in the same boat if you get up everyday and go to work or to the business where you created for yourselves then you have to think of it from a humanity perspective how would it make you feel to turn on the TV and see your White,Black,Asia,Hispanic, Native brother being arrested live on TV while being choked, beat and eventually murdered live on TV would you be outraged would you be upset would you demand Justice for so many years there has been an outcry from urban communities about police behavior is and it has fallen on deaf ears yet our president says treat them rough what ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty” better yet “due process” I’m not saying all police are bad however how can you stand by and watch a fellow officer commit an atrocious act and do nothing if that were your son would you allow it what if it were your brother or father. this is why it is of paramount importance that the people who patrol a community live in that community when I get up in the mornings and go to work and I see you my neighbors when I shovel my snow I see you my neighbors when I cut my grass I see you my neighbors so when I am out on patrol and a call comes in and its you my neighbors I act different so I ask all protestors, police, national guard, prosecutor, see your neighbors….. I had no plan to write this today I was just thinking of my dog that I had recently trained (I am apart of T.G.I.E. we train and socialize retired Greyhounds for adoption) and I was informed that my last dog Cera has died, It touched me because when she first came in she was very fearful and didn’t really trust people and by the end of her session she was the most adorable puppy she was no longer fearful and she would even play with me so she had a.special place in my heart and I was sad yet I was proud because I could see the good in people where a dog who was fearful was able to over come her fears. So people we need each other, so let’s stop letting these people who are only interested in getting us divided amongst our selves so they can continue to rule over us while they run amuck and give us these viruses they created in some lab and watch us die and tell us there is nothing they can do or that they are doing all they can TRUMP IS NOT WEARING A MASK CAUSE HE HAS BEEN VACCINATED !!!!yet he wants you and I to purchase a drug that will cause us to need another drug that he and his buddies get richer off of what ever happened to “one nation under god indivisible WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR A L L
then again we’re talking about social equality………

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Harvey Banner #362241
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