Carlton Turner

Ava DuVernay’s Game plan, by Carlton Turner

We need more people who R in positions 2 B heard speaking out about racism and the COVID-19 epidemic in the U.S. People have a tendency 2 listen closer and R willing 2 take action when brave people like Ava DuVernay, Sheryl Underwood and others begin 2 speak out about the atrocities and injustices taking place all around us. However, there are not enough people speaking up R out against what’s going on. Sincere condolences go out 2 the family and loved ones of Floyd George and all the unfortunate black men who’ve died at the hands of police and the gross miscarriage of justice carried out by the police responsible 4 their deaths. And also sincere condolences go out 2 all the victims of COVID-19 and their families.

Carlton Turner
DOC #00372940

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