Gary Washington

My First Love, by Gary Washington

every story I tell is true these are chapters of my life events that I’ve been through and actually am willing to share with the world but i cut out certain situations out of respect for the women that went through this these phases with me so no names will be said ever…

we stayed right across the street from each other as I look back it now reminds me of the movie love and basketball ball only thing was different was instead of sneaking out of the window we went out of the back doors of our parents apartment’s just to be together a little pass our curfew while our parents were asleep.. she was my first love from my first real kiss to my first butterfly we use to stay on the phone much as we could till we felt asleep basically lol
even her sister use to tell me I don’t know what you did to my sister but she really likes you my friends use to say the samething and I felt the same way about her still do that will never change so everything was good with us then I had to turn myself in jail for a few months so everything was good we talked and she wrote every chance we got then I told myself man if you really love her you would let her live here life instead of running behind someone that ain’t gone never be good enough for her so I wrote her a letter telling her that I needed space and to figure something’s out by myself then the unthinkable happened she wrote me back sayings she could wait how ever long I need and I could see the tears on the pepper from the wet spots from her crying see we was young back then I hope she could understand now what I was tryna say back then and if she could read this I would let her know that I won’t nothing but the best for her because she deserve better then me …

Gary Washington
Doc# 718621


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