Message to the Public, by Dujuan Adams

I would like to thank everyone that showed up here at Marion correctional institution in Ohio , and also I would like to thank everyone that is pushing for change with this prison system and getting the voiceless voices heard, thank you for your time, support and energy. We all have been touched by this covid -19 , pandemic in many ways”, all my life I never seen nothing to this magnitude a unseen force moving at the speed of light, I remember when the virus first hit I was watching the world news and all these reports of these deaths caused by this virus as it was just spreading throughout these countries it was mind blowing” and then I seen this same unseen force moving through these states with the same force”. I said to myself yea this is real, but never did I see it hitting the prison where I’m housed the way it did, I myself tested positive for covid -19 , along with 2,100 others inmates here at Marion correctional institution ” mind blowing ” i must say when this prison population holds 2,600 inmates, This virus has many faces, many symptoms and you can carry it unknowingly, my advice PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCE, WASH YOUR HANDS, AND WHERE YOUR MASK, I seen first hand how this virus breaks you down from the inside out, truth be told you can catch it more than once, WITHOUT THE PROPER KNOWLEDGE and steps being APPLIED there’s no stopping this virus, SOCIAL DISTANCING IS MANDATORY,, I have a few good friends that I haven’t seen yet ” and there was a couple of people I know personally that passed away ” sad but real, Thank you all once again for being our voice and making sure the voiceless voices don’t go unnoticed as we hear everyone that’s pushing for us stay blessed and be blessed. I am

Dujuan Adams
DOC #395-935

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