Kameron Crowder


(To whom this may concern)

For loving me when i didn’t even love myself
For the beautiful children
For being there when I needed a friend
For encouraging me
For the smiles
For the frowns
For the tears
For breaking my heart
For giving up on me
For turning your back on me
For slandering my name
For lying on me
For cheating on me
For leaving me when i needed you the most
For letting me give up
For helping me give up
For making me hate you
For the fake love
For hating on me
For wasting my time
For the false hopes
For giving me motivation to be better
For helping me become worse
For keeping my child away from me
For playing the victim
For the support
For sliding for me in those trenches
For opening my eyes
For helping me realize where i was wrong
For keeping it real
For being who you are at all times
For being shady
For trying to kill me
For giving me life
For the understanding
For the game
For the grind
For opportunity
For your sacrifices
For my failures
For my success
For knowledge
For wisdom
For giving me a new outlook on life

For everything that has happend to me in my lifetime, good, bad, and ugly. I used to be resentful for not having some of the things i see people have. Like loving parents and better relationships with my siblings, but now i am thankful for everything. I am who i am because of what I’ve been through in my life. Only one person has been there with me throughout this whole ride and that is my granny. Not once has she turned her back on me, she knows everything I’ve ever done in life, good and bad! For that I am Thankful!! To those who this pertains to, Thank You for what we went through. Sorry if I hurt you and I forgive you if you hurt me. It is what it is. Life goes on, and i’m sure your happy somewhere living your best life, me well i’m here, so be thankful for your freedom. To my gorgeous fiance Elizabeth, Thank you for being here for me, you couldn’t have came into my life at a better time. I promise to be the man you deserve and I will cherish you forever. You make my life worth something and you give me something to work for. No other woman has made me want to be better and you do that. I thank you baby and one day I will get the opportunity to show you not just say it. Once again Thank You, ALL of you, Kameron wouldn’t be who he is now if it wasnt’t for you so what ever part you played in my life, i am very appreciative.

DOC #115754

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